Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Meet the Beastles.

Meet the Beastles. The Beastie Boys mix with the Beatles in musical collusion. Like the Grey Album only similar.

January Issue of W Magazine

Has anyone seen this?

Elephants in couture!

I don't know if I'm coming late to this story or not, but in the January issue of W magazine, Bruce Weber asked top designers to design couture outfits for Rosie, Dixie, and Tai, a comely trio of Asian elephants on a California game preserve. And the results are adorable.

Marc Jacobs made a fabulous pink Louis Vuitton frock, Dolce & Gabbana created a 'flirty pink corset" and Karl Lagerfeld created a swelegant tweed suit avec chapeau.

I find this last one particularly interesting as it comes from the man who threw a hissy fit when H&M dared to make his clothes for sizes ten and up. "I only create fashion for slim, slender people" he has famously proclaimed. And elephants, I guess.

Here are the images scanned for your viewing pleasures

Rainy Days

Wednesday and Rain-
ah how I LOVE the rain!
The window of the guest office I am using this week at the site I am working from has a huge window. It overlooks the Frys parking lot in Woodland Hills.
And out on the ledge is a nest with some baby hawks.
So the rain, the baby animals, and the distractions of a window are making for quite a lovely if very slow day at work today.

Looks like Kittys is the plan for Friday night-we'll be braving the chance of rain. This means the patio may be closed-which in turn means it will be SUPER packed in doors and smokers will be everywhere.
And I still don't know what I am going to wear.

The boy updated his profile on Tribe to show that naked photo as his profile main photo now. It no longer confuses me, just makes me sad. He's become one of THOSE types of boys. I find it so interesting how much people contradict themselves as their motivations change. Not that his motivations were not always fully driven by himself, but that his actions now completely contradict supposed ideals to such a degree. I really don't want to feel sorry for him, but I'm having trouble not.

In other news-got a cute email from the boy at the movie theater. He quoted some song that I have never heard of and said things that high school girls must like to hear. He also asked if I'd be 'into going to see my friends band play'. Oh My...

Also got an invite for dinner and drinks from a friend who now wants to try dating.
And someone I used to date has come out of hiding-like they always seem to know when to do-to try and reconnect and give things another go.

I'm starting to feel kinda sought after :)and that ain't a bad feeling at all.

So yes the shrink was right-I was allowing someone else to dictate my self-worth-
and yes he was right that I was going about not at all relaxed or happy for several months all out of an intense motivation to try and help said someone else.
Not proud of that, but happy that every day I'm able to recognize the power play and dictations for what they were.

Now I want to plan a trip to London-I've got less than 200 days to put that together.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Back from the couch

Just a note for the doc :)
I'm supposed to be stopping by here every few days to share my thoughts-so here we go
It's nice for someone to welcome you back-if that makes sense.
Apparently for several months more than a few people have noticed this unhappy change in me, and it leaves me with wonder of just how much trying to please 1 person so much can make you forget who you are.
I'm still sad to see by the actions of that one person that he was not who he claimed to be, but it makes it that much easier to see how lack of honesty can take hold of everything.
In small unexpected places I'm seeing trends and actions for the motivations and directives they really were.
Rose colored glasses I guess :)
So here's the rundown-
Feeling better
Sleeping better
Presenting better-
I'm so glad I kept that chat-whenever I worry about him-and I'm sure I always will-it puts everything back into perspective and keeps the intended hurt up-front.
Journies are great things-especially if you come back with a new lesson learned.

So now I'm looking forward to New Years Eve-
Not so much the new starts blah blah blah-
this new start should have happened months ago. I'm looking forward to spending the holiday without the stress and expected baby stepping that I no longer have to have as part of my social outings.

Now what to wear?

Sunday, December 26, 2004


Just got back from my moring errands-
dog is asleep on my bed, and my alergies are out of control.
Went to see the film version of Phantom last night and loved it.
Very visual and amazing costumes-time to start sewing!
Sent a message to the boy who emailed everyone he knew saying we were going to try and be friends after I found out he removed me from his friends lists on Tribe and MySpace.
As is typical for him, he is already advertising that he is looking for new lovers-
It's funny how people swear something, then once they feel like it won't help them anymore, or no longer suits them, those promises are all forgotten.
Admitidly I have problems understanding self-serving motivations-the further I am away from the situation, the more I am able to see just how self-serving he was.
And now he has posted a naked picture of himself online, and removed all the pictures of us and our mutual friends from his website.
It's all just more acting out-I can see that for what it is-still does not make me miss the person he was a long time ago.
As long as he is happy, thats important :)
Now to decide if I want to call around and set up brunch, or accept an invitation for lunch with a new friend-
then again I could take some alergy pills, do laundry, and enjoy the empty space of my home with a roommate our for the day golfing-
Latest Lessons Learned-
You can't be really happy with someone who is not happy with themselves
Dog cookies from Texas apparently have gas enducing effects in the Flurry Dog
Always ask how old someone is before you exchange contact information-otherwise you may end up with an invite to a high school prom

Thursday, December 23, 2004

SoulWax Preview

Did your drug of choice make the list?

Changes Underway

Sometimes people say things to be hurtful-
I understand that's the way some people have learned to defend themselves.

I'm feeling very positive this morning that I am finally heading down the healthy path. No more of the old drama.
Now it's time to get back on track and stop letting life's distractions dictate not only my what, but also my how.

Big plans for the day-
Check in with Dr
Check in with Therapist
Eat a birthday cupcake
Go get pampered
Celebrate becoming 32

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Which random phallic object are you?

So then I wanted to post a comment...

My friend shared his blog address with me, as I was VERY interested in reading about his Cico and the Man adventures-
When trying to post a comment, the system would not allow it without first registering.
So here I am :)