Monday, December 27, 2004

Back from the couch

Just a note for the doc :)
I'm supposed to be stopping by here every few days to share my thoughts-so here we go
It's nice for someone to welcome you back-if that makes sense.
Apparently for several months more than a few people have noticed this unhappy change in me, and it leaves me with wonder of just how much trying to please 1 person so much can make you forget who you are.
I'm still sad to see by the actions of that one person that he was not who he claimed to be, but it makes it that much easier to see how lack of honesty can take hold of everything.
In small unexpected places I'm seeing trends and actions for the motivations and directives they really were.
Rose colored glasses I guess :)
So here's the rundown-
Feeling better
Sleeping better
Presenting better-
I'm so glad I kept that chat-whenever I worry about him-and I'm sure I always will-it puts everything back into perspective and keeps the intended hurt up-front.
Journies are great things-especially if you come back with a new lesson learned.

So now I'm looking forward to New Years Eve-
Not so much the new starts blah blah blah-
this new start should have happened months ago. I'm looking forward to spending the holiday without the stress and expected baby stepping that I no longer have to have as part of my social outings.

Now what to wear?


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