Wednesday, December 29, 2004

January Issue of W Magazine

Has anyone seen this?

Elephants in couture!

I don't know if I'm coming late to this story or not, but in the January issue of W magazine, Bruce Weber asked top designers to design couture outfits for Rosie, Dixie, and Tai, a comely trio of Asian elephants on a California game preserve. And the results are adorable.

Marc Jacobs made a fabulous pink Louis Vuitton frock, Dolce & Gabbana created a 'flirty pink corset" and Karl Lagerfeld created a swelegant tweed suit avec chapeau.

I find this last one particularly interesting as it comes from the man who threw a hissy fit when H&M dared to make his clothes for sizes ten and up. "I only create fashion for slim, slender people" he has famously proclaimed. And elephants, I guess.

Here are the images scanned for your viewing pleasures


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