Sunday, December 26, 2004


Just got back from my moring errands-
dog is asleep on my bed, and my alergies are out of control.
Went to see the film version of Phantom last night and loved it.
Very visual and amazing costumes-time to start sewing!
Sent a message to the boy who emailed everyone he knew saying we were going to try and be friends after I found out he removed me from his friends lists on Tribe and MySpace.
As is typical for him, he is already advertising that he is looking for new lovers-
It's funny how people swear something, then once they feel like it won't help them anymore, or no longer suits them, those promises are all forgotten.
Admitidly I have problems understanding self-serving motivations-the further I am away from the situation, the more I am able to see just how self-serving he was.
And now he has posted a naked picture of himself online, and removed all the pictures of us and our mutual friends from his website.
It's all just more acting out-I can see that for what it is-still does not make me miss the person he was a long time ago.
As long as he is happy, thats important :)
Now to decide if I want to call around and set up brunch, or accept an invitation for lunch with a new friend-
then again I could take some alergy pills, do laundry, and enjoy the empty space of my home with a roommate our for the day golfing-
Latest Lessons Learned-
You can't be really happy with someone who is not happy with themselves
Dog cookies from Texas apparently have gas enducing effects in the Flurry Dog
Always ask how old someone is before you exchange contact information-otherwise you may end up with an invite to a high school prom


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