Friday, January 07, 2005

Boy George designs and declares

Turns out Boy George is now designing clothing-but like so many celebrities, nothing happens without first declaring how fabulous he is-

"B-Rude is my emotional rage, vicious optimism with a dash of tongue in chic' in fashion form. I design clothes for those who like their reputation to arrive in the room ahead of them. You don't have to be an attention seeker, however, attention seeking has become a bit of a crime, especially for gay men over the last decade.

The price of assimilation is a loss of identity and I for one long for some of that glorious 'rock n roll ambiguity. Add to this, the fact that straight male vanity has finally caught up with the 'queer' variety and there has been what can only be described as a 'hijacking of camp' by straight guys. Terms like 'meterosexuality' are being thrown around in a feeble attempt to explain why straight boys are spending longer in front of the mirror and why the queer boys are dressing like they have come to fix your plumbing.

'B-rude' is an attempt to throw yet another visual spanner in the works and further blur those boundaries which pigeonhole us all and prove nothing. Certainly we hope to attract the androgynous into our colourful closet but I'm also keen to see the rude logo popping out from a pair of worn Levi's. The devil really is in the detail.

“She was trying to explain fashion. I stopped her and said “There is no point to fashion”."

–Boy George

Check out the clothes here-


Blogger Deathstar said...

I hate it when someone famous trys to do fashion. Just cause you look good in the latest john galliano doesn't mean you know fuck about fashion! But who wants the bitches threads anyhoo. I just masturbated to the model gallery.

Blogger Skarlett said...

me too!


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