Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Links and Lunacey

Apparently for $75 an hour, you can now rent your own midget-


Thanks to G for the link- it turns out the Lizard King lives


and then there is James St. James' latest description of seduction that I felt compelled to share:
"And, you know – give me a pair of crotchless panties, a gallon of glitter lube, and a tank full of (non-electrical) eels, and I will have you on your knees, bitch, begging for more."

Do you like naughty sumo hippos? Then you will LOVE Kozo!


Yesterday there was more drama.
I've been told that I have the potential to be a good person-that's nice to know.
Have also been told that I ruined any chance of being friends because of this blog, and because of things that I have supposedly been saying, that were being reported by someone that couldn't be named.
There seems to be a lot of that-
Secret people going about repeating things I never said.
I'm not implying that it's all made up-simply recognizing yet another trend.

Had dinner and drinks last night at my place with S & M.
I should just leave that statement right there, because it made me laugh after I re-read it :)

185 days till London!

Lessons Learned-

If someone makes a promise to you about their own life in the future, once you are no longer involved with them, all promises that have been made are null and void.

People Talk. Apparently people you have never met, but know someone who knows someone who you have talked to at some point you don't remember, and heard you say things you have never said, will make their way to share these events that never occured. I'm not really clear on that one-I'll have to think more on it later.


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