Monday, January 03, 2005

Moving Forward

Got a call today from the boy-while I was writing an email to him asking for permission to post the group photos he took of his website.
He called to ask when he could pick up his belongings from my place-
I'm happy he called
It gave me a chance to voice some feelings-
Feelings about his removing me from his friends lists after saying he wanted to be friends, and feelings about his posting naked pix of himself and advertising for new lovers after swearing if things did not work with us, he was going to no longer look for someone outside his home.
He addressed those things-sort of
and then I got sad :(
I knew he was out sleeping around-I expected it, thought I had dealt with it, and didn't expect that it would make me sad, but it did.
Ah Well-you can't control what makes you sad and what does not.
I need to keep in mind that I KNEW it would happen, and just go forward-
He seems happy, and that makes me feel better.
I also think I DO need to start accepting those invites I have been flattered to receive, but have not been accepting.
Not based on the fact that he is out there already with a new lover, but based on the fact that it's time, and has been time, for quite a while.
Maybe I just wanted confirmation that he was in a better place before I was ready to try and put myself in a better place.

Had fun on New Year's Eve-met lots of new people and had fun with the kids.
R was a delight and much much fun.
He should come out with us more often.
Also, R made my polar skirt, and it was wonderful!
Everyone looked festive in their winter wear, and a great and silly time was had by all :)
Happy and Healthy Wishes to everyone-


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