Thursday, January 20, 2005

Thursday Update

Feeling much better than Sunday.
Apparently for me, heat and rest are the answer to keeping my challenges in check.
So on Tuesday I recapped the weekend-
Have since heard that R's event went wonderfully.
There was an amazing turn out, and great fun was had by all.
Yeah for R!

Tuesday evening Jeff and I went to the gym and I ran the treadmill for an hour.
(Go Me!)
Normally I wear my headphones and phase out everyone around me-on Tuesday though, thanks to King of the Hill, I made a new friend.
King of the Hill was an episode where Bobby has been feeding a racoon who scratches Dale as he tries to exterminate it, and bites Ladybird as she protects Hank.
That's all prolly way too much info-ANYWAY
Dale ends up running away to escape a rabies shot, and hides in the woods and goes a bit crazy living off wild mushrooms.
It was very entertaining.
It started with small smiles, graduating to my trying to laugh quietly, and eventually we were both laughing out loud and introducing ourselves during the commercial break.
He works on the Warner Bros lot as an artist, and lives in Sherman Oaks.
Very tall-very fit-and more typical handsome than my type of pretty, but charming and witty and definately someone I'd like to get to know better.
We have plans to meet up for dinner and drinks, and I'm looking forward to a fun new boy to get to know.

D was nice enough to meet me at the driving range in Encino last night.
Turns out I need to hit 10-15 balls before I find my swing.
I'm going to meet up with Sarah on Sunday in Santa Anita. While the boys play a round, she and I are going to play at the driving range, then head to the mall for shopping.
After the game we'll be going to the new Dave and Busters for more fun :)
With Sarah playing, I won't feel such a bother around the boys.
Though Jeff is encouraging me to try the game out, just last night he said he didn't think we should go to the driving range at that course, because everyone else would be so much better than us.
I think he forgets that everyone had to learn at the starting point.
Part of the reason I want to do this with Sarah is so I have someone else to learn with. I don't want to learn or hold up games with players who worry that I won't do as well as whomever else is around. That worry is going to detract from the fun factor.
Discussion with D after the driving range-
Is it better to have lots of sex with many people who aren't really what you want, or to wait for what you really want?
Is sex with 2 unattractive people at the same time, better than sex with 1 person you are attracted too?
D put it very well-Is it better to have 1 jag, or 2 yugos?
Why do you need a 2nd yugo if you can have 1 jag?

Tonight M and I have decided to have a quiet evening at home.
We're going to try the sugar plum cocktail recipe, order dinner, and watch a movie.
Tomorrow the vote is up for either Dungeon, Good Luck, Prey, or Kittys.
I suspect Prey is not the crowd the kids will want to play with.
Dungeon might be fun-as might Kittys.

Saturday is the 2nd yoga class, then weight training, then lunch with J.
Saturday night will be dinner and cocktails.
Sunday is brekkie with RC then meeting Sarah at the driving range with the boys.
Have been asked to check out Fetish Club on Sunday night, so am considering that too.
Just don't want someone to feel like his space has been invaded-but then again, it's not really his space. Fang is his space-
Question is will I feel guilty anyway.


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