Thursday, January 13, 2005

Updates and LOL links

To start your day with a laugh, read this supposed true essay handed in at a University on the epic Oedipus. "Planes, Trains, and Plantains: The story of Oedipus" submitted November 30, 2004.

Then there is the 19 year old woman in Russia who is selling her virginity in an online auction.

and perhaps one of the best examples of irony

May have pushed myself too hard at the gym yesterday-or maybe should not wear heels after pushing myself so hard at the gym. Either way I'm having leg circulation problems this morning. Happily though, thats the only fibro issues I've had the last couple of weeks.
I'm sleeping through the night, waking at exactly 8 hours, and starting the day feeling rested with no anxiousness.

Changes in stress and drama have an amazing effect on changes in your health and well-being. Not that everyone who is unwell is that way due to stress, just that I'm finding that the less stress there is, the better my body is doing at healing.
Have already spoken to the doctor this morning, and I am clear to start yoga.
Woo Hoo!

Plans-and yes I promise no Red Bull, and yes I promise to update any physical problems resulting from going out to play :)

Thursday-dinner and film with M
Friday is Carnival De Sade (if its not super fun we will head to Kittys)
Saturday morning is yoga then weight training and then brunch with R
Saturday night is dinner and drinks with C
Sunday is the driving range and then lunch with J
Sunday is opening night for R's new club
Monday-dinner and drinks with S & M
Tuesday is dinner and film with A
Wednesday-Qool with E
Thursday-dinner with M
Friday-Kittys with the kids

Also new possible trip to Mardi Gras in February, and then London-Paris-Dublin is in July.
How nice to actually be out and enjoying life again.


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