Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What's the news since Saturday?

Well Saturday I ended up not feeling well, and called it a very early night.
I spent Sunday vegging around the house, catching up on domestic stuffs, running errands, and enjoying an empty house.
Jeff was of course, out golfing.
I had planned to attend Fetish Bar on Sunday, but instead decided to stay home and watch Carnivale and get to bed early to be better prepped for a meeting at work on Monday morning.
Monday night spent some time getting to know B (that's the AC looking boy)
On the plus side-he's really into music and owns dogs
On the negative-he does not like roller coasters, and normally only goes to clubs to watch bands play-he sees clubs at meet markets, and is not normally into such things.
Back on the plus side-that means he won't want to tag along when I go out with the kids :)
Last night I went looking for a b'day gift for C.
No luck so far :(
Got to have a quick chat with R, and am happy to have a Valentine this year :)
Will also need to sort out something for his b'day-other than just a sugar rush of Krispy Kremes.
Watched Collateral with Jeff-it was VERY good.
I'm quite surprised by 2 things.
Firstly, Tom Cruise was not total crap
Secondly, Jamie Fox has been nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category at the Oscar's for his performance in this film, but I think he was the star of the film.
Tonight I am supposed to go out with RC, but I may bail and just stay home and do my taxes-I'll have to decide how I feel this afternoon.
Tomorrow night a small group of us are going to watch Hitchikers Guide and then I am meeting M and C for b'day drinks.
Friday is up in the air-
Kittys is doing a medical theme, so we will prolly be heading there (even though we have already done a medical theme on our own before)
Saturday is prolly drinks with the kids,
Sunday will try for Fetish Bar again this week.
Will have to decide if I want to ask B (AC) to meet me there or not-
May be too much to juggle-I think R is going to go, and I expect others to be there too.

170 days till London!


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