Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Had a nice quiet evening at home with the family last night.
Feeling wonderful-some points are so great, that I doubt they could be any better.
So happy and feeling creative and inspired.
Finally writing again, have been offered a new internship, am just feeling like myself.
Still staying perhaps too busy on the social front, but am not feeling any after effects from all the play time.

Remaining Social Plans-

Tonight going to see a play with R
Thursday is M
Friday is Kittys with the kids
Saturday is NoBar with S
Sunday will prolly be golf in the a.m. then errands
Monday is finally that dinner date with the co-worker in town from Chicago
Tuesday is another 'chat date' with C
Wednesday is open (woo hoo!)
Thursday is dinner with Matt
Friday is Kittys or Bunker-with the kids

Hope everyone is doing well :)


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