Thursday, February 24, 2005

"How now gas man?"

So I get home tonight and find in my email the KOTH episode I've been longing to see for months now.

"Joust Like a Woman"

Some quotes from the episode-

KING PHILIP: We wage war on France on the morrow!
TEENAGER: That is so gay.

KING PHILIP: Listen to your shrew. In her nagging there is wisdom.

HANK: Well, I guess if they burn you at the stake, they'll be usin' my propane, heh-heh-heh. (to King Philip) You'll find it burns witches cleanly and evenly, and at a fraction of the cost of natural gas.
For those who don't know, I have a tendancy to bet things SO assuredly, that I over bet.
If I sound confident to the point of trash talking, take the bet-I'm going to lose.

I'd been looking for this episode going on 3 months, had friends looking for it, and was even thinking of buying the DVD set for the season it appeared in just so I could own it.
Every night after work-for something like 10 weeks-

Before I'd feed the dog, listen to the answering machine, get the mail, or start getting ready to go out-
I'd scan the dish menu and see if it was going to be aired.

I'd written FOX asking for a schedule of future showings of the episode-
All to no sucess.

So then, frustrated that I'd had no luck, annoyed at the arrogance of a certain British prat, and prolly due in part to having consumed a couple fo glasses of wine, I accepted his bet that he would be able to find it before the week was up.

And the bastard has-

(I say bastard with love and affection of course)

Rather than sulk over my habit of losing bets-and formalities in this case-I'm going to celebrate my new present and watch me some KOTH.

Thank you to my Darling prat for once again feeding my addiction so sweetly.

KING PHILIP: If you are able to tilt me off my steed, then I will apologize to you and yon hag and purchase your gas. But if I should send thou tumbling to the dirt, then you and your gas will be banished from the kingdom, but not before your wife cleans the man-sweat from my blouse.


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