Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Recaps and Fun

Not sure how long its been since I updated personal stuff here-
Went out almost too much the last week or so-but have been having a great time.
Starting to have probs sleeping-but I think thats from getting used to staying out late night after night, then trying to go to bed before midnight.
It just did not work last night.
Thursday was Ryan's b'day and he enjoyed his Krispy Kreme cake :)
Friday we went to Kittys for the annual Black Heart Ball-we were all different shades of cupid-pink, black, green, white, silver, and red.
Had MUCH fun.
Saturday we went to Universal Citywalk for lunch and shopping.
Sunday we had the BarSluts V-Day brunch, and then went to the Huntington.
Had a lovely time walking through the gardens and petting fish-literally.
Valentine's Day was very fun-
Definate theme in the items I received-
My 2 favorites were a card that Ryan made that read, "with me you're Slythern" on the inside, and a very sweet email Colin put together that had all sorts of fun things attached-including some candy hearts that were reworked to read Prof Sn8p :)
Got into work today, and waiting for me (I did not work yesterday) were flowers from a co-worker in Chicago. Good thing is that since he did not hear back from me all day yesterday thanking him for the flowers, he scheduled a meeting just so we could have a nice long chat on the phone today.
Even more fun since he knows its all about the voice for me anyway-
Boys can be such fun :)

Tonight am going out to the driving range and to dinner-
Wednesday is the film fest
Thursday is Industry
Friday will prolly be Bunker with Ryan
Saturday I'm dateless so may actually hide out-
Sunday is Ryan's club
Monday is Polyfonic Spree
Tuesday I hope will be the driving range
Wednesday is Kyle's play

Whew! :)
Hope you all had a fun weekend and Valentine's Day-


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