Monday, February 07, 2005

Weekend Recap

Ended up having a mostly quiet weekend for a change-
Ran some errands, watched some AR, and practiced a little on my swing :)

Slept lots-which is good.

Went to a Super Bowl get together on Sunday-ate tons of crap-drank lots of cider, and had a wonderful wonderful time with great friends.

Don't ask if you can steal something-just take it.

Went out with AB tonight (what's with all the boys with an A initial?)
Went to the driving range, and then went to dinner.
Also met a new friend who while not my type, I may go out with-he's obviously smart, and seems charming. :)

Aren't crushes wonderfully fun things?
I'm still giddy and school girl silly-
Thanks to S for being so very sweet :)

Going out with M on Tuesday-
Thursday is R's b'day
Friday we think we are heading to Kittys

Feeling very well-mood is beyond good, and got home to a lovely surprise to make a silly gal like me smile herself to sleep.


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