Monday, March 28, 2005

To His Coy Mistress who has not written the Top 10 post yet

I still have not written the top 10 album post,
During the lull, I'll share a poem that was sent to me by a boy who has been reciting Goethe far too often the last few days.
(Yes there are lots of sexy lines from Faust, but it IS a tragedy you know)

So in my mailbox from Sunday night was this poem by Andrew Marvell.
I find it rather saucey and fun considering it was written in the 1600s

To His Coy Mistress

Had we but World enough, and Time,
This coyness, Lady, were no crime.
We would sit down and think which way
To walk, and pass our long Loves Day.
Thou by the Indian Ganges side
Should'st Rubies find: I by the Tide
Of Humber would complain. I would
Love you ten years before the Flood:
And you should if you please refuse
Till the Conversion of the Jews.
My vegetable Love should grow
Vaster than Empires and more slow.
An hundred years should go to praise
Thine Eyes, and on thy Forehead Gaze.
Two hundred to adore each Breast,
But thirty thousand to the rest.
An Age at least to every part,
And the last Age should show your Heart.
For Lady you deserve this State,
Nor would I love at lower rate.

But at my back I alwaies hear
Times winged Chariot hurrying near:
And yonder all before us lye
Desarts of vast Eternity.
Thy Beauty shall no more be found;
Nor, in thy marble Vault, shall sound
My echoing Song: then Worms shall try
That long preserv'd Virginity:
And your quaint Honour turn to dust;
And into ashes all my Lust.
The Grave's a fine and private place,
But none I think do there embrace.

Now therefore, while the youthful hew
Sits on thy skin like morning dew,
And while thy willing Soul transpires
At every pore with instant Fires,
Now let us sport us while we may;
And now, like am'rous birds of prey,
Rather at once our Time devour,
Than languish in his slow-chapt pow'r.
Let us roll all our strength and all
Our sweetness up into one Ball:
And tear our Pleasures with rough strife,
Thorough the Iron gates of Life:
Thus, though we cannot make our Sun
Stand still, yet we will make him run.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

more bliss...

I got an email this evening. Apparently it took a few hours to deliver it.

Sent from one of those terminals the tourists use.

This one apparently from a terminal at the British Libraries in London.


It scremed at my inbox all in caps-

So I opened the mail and the message simply said,

"American women are pretty and charming: little oases of elegant unreasonableness in a vast desert of practical common sense."

With a link pointing here.

It made me laugh-which is good.
I'm not sure if it means I'm forgiven, or understood, or what-
I choose to think it's his way of trying to say he understands.

While this makes me flutter, I have to wonder why someone would travel over an hour to see an exhibit about writings about gardens?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"Men always want to be a woman's first love - women like to be a man's last romance."

Somehow I succeeded in upsetting two of my swains today.

The first one ended up calling me an idealist, naive little girl.

-This because I have a moral objection to his offer to take me on in his office, therefore extending my contract at work, because of our dating relationship.

Maybe dating older men is not as easy as I thought it would be-

The second one because when he asked what I was doing tonight, I said I was chatting with a girl friend and we were surfing a dating site for boys in London.

I didn't understand the reaction I got from him at all.

"Are you looking to meet men while in London?"

"What happened to no strings, no expectations, no ties?", I asked.

"That's fine while you are THERE! Not HERE. I have expectations for you once you are here." he said.

"Expectations?", I asked.

"Yes. Expectations. I'm going mad with expectations. Aren't you?"

"No", I tell him honestly, "I thought no expectations meant no expectations?"

We both went quiet.

"Would you like me to call you?" I offered.

"No. thank you, but no. I simply need to put everything in line."

"Are you angry with me?" I asked.

"Not angry. Surprised, perhaps hurt, but not angry. May I call you later?"

"of course :)" I said, hoping the smily face would help to make light of the turn in conversation.

But then he logged off :(

Monday, March 21, 2005

"This is one of those 'No Blog' conversations"

So it finally happened.
During one of our long talks, he finally prefaced by saying he didn't want me to share what he was going to say in my blog.

"This is one of those 'No Blog' conversations, Kelly."

I'm not sure how I feel about that :(

I know I'm the one who said I wouldn't share things if he asked me not too, and I know the only thing to do is to stand by that, but I feel a bit censored.


I've started collecting lists from friends of their Top 10 Albums.
It can be a list of their faves, or albums they think are the best, or the most influential, or whatever.
Their Top 10 List.

Care to share your list?

I expect to have everyone's lists in the next couple of days, and then plan to write an entry sharing.

Based on the lists I have so far, the trend has been same artists-different albums.

Should be interesting to see everything compiled together.

Now I'm off to work on my short story.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

What counts as cheating, and Ocular Fornication

It's 4 o'clock, and the phone is ringing.
Check the caller ID - no info.

"Hello?" I whispered in my newly returned, though weaker voice.
"How are you feeling?" he asked.
"Better. Not my best, but much better."
"I think you're a bit of Kathleen Turner right now with that voice!" he says, oddly excited.
"I'm glad you like it."
"Do you feel up to meeting later for a chat?"
"Yes I think so. You sure you want to stay up that late?" I asked.
"Yes of course. I'm looking forward to it."
"Alright then," I say," see you then."

He was right on time, as always. :)

"So how was the concert?" he asked.
"Much fun! Ryan taught me something new, then we went to the Good Luck Bar and met Matt and Carlos and Saryn and her new girlfriend."

"Which should I ask about first?" he inquires.

"Which are you most curious about?"
"Honestly Saryn and her new girlfriend. I'm not sure I want to know the sorts of things Ryan is educating you."

So I sent him here to show him pix of the new girl.
"Really?" I ask, "you likie?"
"I wish I could make this command to anyone who meets me 'I command that all slaves and concubines worship me.' That must be quite convienent." he says.

At this I laugh.

"She is making my girl VERY happy." I say.

"Ponygirl! Isn't that what you were telling me about a couple of weeks ago?"
"I'm not sure she means it the same way." I say. "Where does it say that anyway?"
"On her page under the Groups heading."
"I'll ask her about it the next time I see her." I decide, and share with him.
"LOOK at you! Aren't you lovely?"
"am I?" I ask.

If I had a webcam he'd see me blush and giggle.

I greatly enjoy his ability to make me blush and giggle.
While these are both two very girly things to do, I don't mind the silliness so much when it is in response to him.

"Dearest, do me a favor?"
"Sure, anything." I say.
"Tell Jeff that he is a lucky man. He is perhaps the only man on the planet who will ever be graced with 24 hours of imposed silence from you."
"Would you like more than 24 hours of silence from me?" I challenge.
"Of course not," he says, "but the moment should be acknowledged."

So I go to the kitchen and pass the message on to Jeff.
His reply is, this. So I come back to the keyboard and type out \m/. After I explain what
\m/ means, I begin to fear that Colin and Jeff have shared their first moment, of possibly many, at my expense.

This makes me a little uncomfy.

"So what did Ryan teach you?",he asks.
"What would you think of, if I were to say, ocular fornication?"

"Ocular fornication?" he clarifies.


"well, ocular means of or relating to the eye, and fornication is sex between unmarried individuals. So I guess that would be watching unmarried people having sex?"

"You're thinking too much." I say, "It's Eye Fucking."
"Ryan taught you how to fuck someone in the eye?"

"No Darling! It's when you see someone you don't know, and in your mind, you're already having sex with them. You've already imagined it." I say.

"I do that all the time.", he confesses.

"Well thats what Ryan and I have been doing."
"With each other?" he asks.
"Yes, sometimes the same boy." I say.
"Not you and Ryan eye fucking each other, but you have been eye fucking others while with each other?"
"Yes. Would the other matter though?" I ask.
"No. No bounds and all that.", he types. "Just wondering."

"What if we were together?" I ask.
"Are we together?"
"I said what if?"
"What if we were together what?"
"If we were together, and I was eye fucking Ryan, would that matter?" I ask.

"I guess not. It's not like it's cheating.", he says.
"and what would be cheating?" I ask.

At this, one of those long pauses that have become common in our chats.

I continue-

"My friend Aaron says that cheating is when any part of your body comes into contact with a part of someone elses body,that would normally be covered by a swimsuit."

"So to Aaron, kissing is not cheating?" he asks.
"Not on the mouth."
"Or the neck, or shoulder, or thigh, or arse, or hips, or belly according to that logic." he types.
"I guess it does depend on the bathing suit." I say.

"What do you think is cheating?" he asks.

"Kissing is not cheating."
"On the lips, or anywhere a bathing suit does not cover?" he asks rather quickly.

"On the lips. In most cases." I say.
"Most cases?"

"If a kiss is just for fun and does not mean anything, then it is not cheating. If a kiss is more than just playing, if it means something, then it is cheating."

"Your turn to answer" I type.

"I think anything that you do with someone that you know would make your partner unhappy, you should not do. Cheating or otherwise. If you know it would make them unhappy, then that is reason enough not to do it." he says.

"and if your partner is unhappy about you doing things that you don't consider cheating?" I ask.
"If you are not in agreement as to what is and what is not, then you have selected the wrong partner."

"Well then?"
"Well then what?" he asks.
"Well then what is cheating in your opinion?"

"Being untrue. Physically or emotionally. Betraying a commitment you made with someone."
"and have you ever been untrue?" I ask.

Another extended pause here.

"Yes." he confesses.

"Since you and I dated?" I ask.
"Immediately after you and I dated."

"Have you?" he asks.
"Nope. Been close. But never have. Prolly because I have been cheated on."

More pause.

"Did you learn anything from it?" I ask.
"I learned I didn't like being selfish. I put my desire in front of her feelings. I didn't like who I was after it happened."

"Do you like who you are now?" I ask.
"I do.", he says, "I've grown up a fair bit since then."

"I like who you are now."
"Thank you. That makes the fear over confession easier.", he says, "and I like who you are now too."

"Thanks-for liking who I am now, and for making me smile." I say.

"All I ask is for an opportunity Dear :)", is his too sweet reply

"OK-this is getting too serious!" I say, "we need to lighten the mood."

"Ok", he says, "Why did the chicken cross the playground?"
"I have no idea."
"To get to the other slide"

Dear Gawd!
Protect me from falling for a man that tells jokes like these :)

Feeling icky and no kissy kissy

I've been feeling under the weather for about a week now, and found out yesterday from the Dr that I have been in a battle with strep throat. :(
Getting a shot, and taking pills, while normally enough to make me unhappy, I have been told no talking and no kissing for 24 hours.
Kissing won't be a problem-I feel like crap and have no motivation to lip lock at the moment.
Talking-I had no idea how much I talk. Even at home on my own I'm usually singing or talking to the dog.
Writing down everything you want to say just plain sucks.

At least I'm feeling better.
And Saryn just reminded me that tomorrow is St. Pat's.
I can't BELIEVE I forgot St. Pat's!

Ah well.
Hope you are all doing well.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Flirting vs. Staying on Task

I was writing.
The words were coming quicker than I could type them.
AIM was on, but I was ignoring the pop ups.
Then the phone started to ring.
I ignored that too-

"I'm being creative damnit! Stop distracting me!" I screamed at the noisy monster on the nightstand.

Ah Silence.

Then it started again.
Incesstant cries of an ignored child using any means to extract attention.

I stomped over and answered angrily, "WHAT?!?!"

"Well hello to you too Dear."
(I could hear him smiling on the other end of the line)

"I'm WRITING! What do you want?" I say far too rudely.

"There's my grumpy little tornado!"

"Stop it. I'll lose my train of thought. AIM. Not the phone. I'm mid-sentence Darling" I plead.

"Right. Back to the computer then." and he hangs up.

I go back and continue my sentence,
"A lifetime of others expectations had done wonders for creating the illusion of smugness, but did nothing to mask her sudden apprehension when finally challenged to prove herself."

I don't like the sentence-it'll have to be re-written.
I blame him.

"Sorry for the neglect Darling.", I type, "How are you?"
"I miss you. I had a lurve moment today."
"A lurve moment?" I ask, confused.

"I was at the music shop, and they played something that made me think of you."
"Uh oh. Was it my Placebo song?" I ask.

"No. It's a song from Young Americans. I had to buy the CD it struck so well. Give me a minute to type out the lyrics. While I'm typing, give me your sentence."

"It's crap. You ruined it with your incesstant phone calls to flirt." I tell him.

"Just give me the blasted sentence and stop trying to pout."

"After living a life guided by others expectations, she suddenly felt apprehensive when challenged to prove herself."

"Ignore that." I say. "Thats the second re-write and I still don't like it."

"She had spent her adolescence guided by the expectations of those around her. Suddenly faced with the opportunity to face her own expectations, she felt apprehensive."

"Thats a little better." I declare.

"Ready?" he asks, "I'm going to paste them."

I brace myself-suddenly feeling rather apprehensive too.

Me, I hope that I'm crazy
I feel you driving and you're only the wheel
Slow down, let someone love you
Ohh, I've never touched you since I started to feel
If there's nothing to hide me
Then you've never seen me hanging naked and wired
Somebody lied, I say it's hip
To be alive

Now your smile is spreading thin
Seems you're trying not to lose
Since I'm not supposed to win
All you've got to do is win

Me, I'm fresh on your pages
Secret thinker sometimes listening aloud
Life lies dumb on its heroes
Wear your wound with honor, make someone proud
Someone like you
should not be allowed
To start any fires

Now your smile is spreading thin
Seems you're trying not to lose
Since I'm not supposed to win
All you've got to do is win

"I think you might be smitten." I say.
"I think I might be too." he agrees. "Any chance you are?"

"Maybe a better question is if I am willing to allow myself to be?" I ask.
"Maybe that's a question better asked at a much later date?"
"I think so." I say

I wish I had not been so honest.
He was not his normal flirty self after that.
There was an energy missing, and I missed it.
And now that he's gone to bed for the night, I'm missing him.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

"If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life."

"How long has it been since you've written something?"
"I'm blogging almost every day." I replied.

"What about creative writing? How long?"
"I've been doing some free-verse, and wrote a zoo paper a few weeks ago."

"You used to love to write. You were always writing. One of my favorite images of you in my mind is you sitting on the floor, writing in your notebook."

This makes me smile.

"I've just not been inspired lately."
"How long is lately?" he continues prodding.
"a year? maybe 2?"

"I think you should write something. You were always at your best when you were writing."
"and what should I write about?" I ask.

"Everything or nothing. Anything that inspires you."
"If I had been inspired, I would have been writing :P"
"What are you excited about right now?"

"ummmm my trip-the new Potter book-my friends-you"
"So write about London, or something based on Potter."

"something smutty with me and Snape? >:)?"
"If that gets you writing, then yes. Write me some smut my Dear."

"You may have to wait a while for anything worth reading.", I warn.

"Anything worth having,... and all that"
"Yes. Anything worth having is worth waiting for." I smiled as I typed back to him.

Thats from Sunday's chat.
I started writing last night, and the words came.
I've just finished the first chapter.
For this I thank him.

I'd forgotten the accomplishment one feels when they realize they have completed a chapter.
There's a vanity, and an empowerment that is unmatched in any other part of life.
When the words fall from the mind, to the tongue, and then the page, you are the most powerful, most understood creature on the planet.

I emailed him something I didn't write on Monday just to scare him.
Some fun smut to try and shock him. (thanks to Sihaya for the use of her words)

It didn't work.

His reply to the email was simply, "You would never use that word. Not even in a fantasy"

He was right.

So I said I'd finish up the chapter tonight, and post a line from it to peak his interest.
It's a bit more than a line, but I think it's a good indication of plot points for the story.

"Her first answer was, “The Fidelius Charm allows a witch or wizard to completely conceal their identity from everyone, save their secret keeper. It is the use of this charm, and the inability of Muggles to think for themselves that allowed the Hathorne's to control Salem in 1692, acquire the lands of anyone they sucessfully found guilty, and amass a great fortune at the expense of those they murdered.”
She laughed again.
That would not do.
She edited her reply, wrote the boring book answer, and continued with the exam, writing out a quick and lengthy roll of parchment that would make everyone-even her father- proud of her."

New Potter book info

Arthur Levine of Scholastic spoke on the Today Show just now, and released a few small tidibts about the book. Click below to read, and thanks to the reader who listed them!

There will be a new Minister for Magic (which we knew but hadn't had it pinned to this book).
We will find out a lot more about Voldemort.
He would not reveal if the HBP was Snape.
The book is intense, with light-hearted moments.

Note that the UK Adult cover has a potions making book-
Perhaps it is our Snape after all who is the Half Blood Prince?

The US cover-

The UK Adult cover-

The UK Childs cover-

Friday, March 04, 2005

I think I have crossed the line to "FanGirl"

Last night, Matt, Saryn, and I met at Hollywood and Highland for dinner, drinks, shopping (and indulgent cookie ice cream sundaes).

Hot Topic had moved lots of their Harry Potter items to the clearance rack, and I picked up ANOTHER Harry spiral notebook, another pack of notebook paper with Sirius on it, some postcards, and some PoA trading cards.

I've been buying these damned trading cards for weeks now-
Saving all of them, prizing a select few, but never getting THE ONE that I wanted.
So after I paid, before I even left the store, I started opening the packs of cards I bought, searching.

As I stacked the cards into the 'neat' stack and the 'blah' stack, Saryn looked over my shoulder and grumbled when I went, "Ohh Lupin! He's hot!"
Draco portrait card goes into the neat stack, Knight Bus into the blah stack.
Then IT happened.

Opened the last pack of cards, and right there in all his beautiful glory, was the object of my desire.

Things get foggy here.

I remember hopping up and down, doing some frantic big cat pacing at the zoo jagged movements up and down the aisle, and I must have squeled, because the gal behind the counter, and some other shoppers were looking at me sort of frightened.

Matt said something about not being able to, "BELIEVE you are acting this way over a CARD", and I think Saryn laughed at me.

But I am in bliss.

Now I have to go to some baseball shop and get one of those nifty plastic protective frame thingies for it.
You know its going to be a good weekend when the start of it is a 98 cent purchase from a clearance rack that brings you so much joy.


And now some pix I had not seen before just to help everyone with the start of their good weekends :)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

and the 'chat dating' continues

As is normal for me-hence my writing things down on a calendar,
and adding them to a Palm,
and emailing myself reminders-
I was wrong about what time I was supposed to meet Colin on line.

See that?

I admitted that I was wrong.

It happens-
at least this time no bets were placed. :)

So we get down to our latest 'chat date' adventure,
and start catching up on eachothers weekends.

He had his award dinner on Friday.
(I'm all smooshy with pride)

I told him about my Friday night, and shared the photos with him.
He asked if I now liked boys AND girls.

Silly, silly boy.

I had to explain that kissing girls does not make one a lesbian.
Kissing girls is fun-just like kissing boys is fun.
Kissing has nothing to do with my sexual orientation.

I'd think most hetro men would be excited by the idea of a girl kissing another girl.
You certainly see it in all the hetro-male driven porn out on the market.

Then the thought occured to me, and I asked, "Would it matter if I liked boys and girls?"

"Not at all" he says, "I was just wondering."

"So lets say I DO like boys and girls now-"
"Alright. You like boys and girls now."

"See?", I ask, "What's the big deal?"

"No big deal Dear, just something I wanted to know about someone I'm interested in."

"but what difference would it make? If I dig you, then it's not like I would go out and sleep with a woman-just like I wouldn't go out and sleep with some other man."

"Consider this before you get defensive, please" he says.
"If you were to become involved with someone, who you knew going into the relationship fancied something you would never be able to fulfill for them, would you have reservations about starting a relationship with them?"

I had to ponder this for a bit-

"ok-if I KNEW that I could not fulfill them, then I guess I would not want to aid in that neglect of thier needs."
"BUT", I continued, "whose to say just because someone likes boys and girls, they would not choose to be with just one or the other?"

"but in making that choice, or they not denying part of who they are?" he asked.

-Fair enough
and then it occurs to me-

"Hang on! There are pix of me kissing boys on that site too! Why do the pix of girls pose a threat, but not the
other boys? Couldn't you argue that to start a relationship with someone who likes to kiss ANY other people would be starting a relationship with someone choosing to deny themselves something?"

"No. Men I can compete with. I'm not worried about some other man. Another woman and I wouldn't stand a chance ;)"

"Thats prolly true.", I agree.

So the night proceded on into other small talk.
I thanked him for the gifts he sent for ARs b'day.
There was this, and this.
Both of which I very much enjoyed receiving.

He told me about a paper he had been marking today.

The assignment was to annalyze a piece of modern literature that has connected in a personal way with this moment in your life.

Very interesting assignment I felt.

"Did anyone pick Harry Potter?", I eagerly ask like the nerd that I am.

There was a pause while I'm sure he laughed and shook his head in disgust.

"One person did pick a Placebo song though." he says.

"REALLY?!?!?Which one?" I asked.

"Come Home. I think he's coming out to me in his paper."
"OH MY FUCKING GAWD THAT IS SO HAWT!!!!" I screamed as I typed.
"Is he delicate, and pretty, and wears eyeliner, and blushes when someone calls him lovely?"

"Are you drunk?" he asked.

"NO! Even if its not true-at least play a long a little-gimmie something for fucks sake!" I plead.

Somehow through the magic of the internet I can SENSE him rolling his eyes at me.

"No." he deadpans, "but I'm impressed with what he's written. I'm just not sure if it's all that fair for him to write about a song, while others have written about novels."

"I think song lyrics are modern literature-they're poetry-and that should count."
(This is me trying to argue on behalf of the boy, who in my mind looks like this, or this.)

"and yet, somehow I knew, that you would feel that way" he says.

At this point I'm surfing looking up what album the song is on-
-scan the CD racks-
found it-
I put in the album.

"I don't think I would even think of this song if I had been given the assignment. I'd be looking for something dark and angsty-this is rather peppy."

"I know. I had to go through boxes to find the album and listen to it once I started the paper." he says.

"So what song would you pick?" I ask.

"Placebo, or otherwise?"

"Either, or, both-your choice. If you were going to pick a song that reflects how you are feeling at this point in your life, what would you pick?" I inquired.

"That is too difficult to answer quickly," he says, "let me think on it a bit. You think on it too."

I go pour another glass of wine for myself, and start to scan the Placebo CD I'm listening to-
'Nancy Boy' is one of my fave Placebo songs, so I give that one a try-
-Nope, not the one.

We both go quiet on the chat, and as I scan my CDs I smile at my mental picture of him, bent over a stack of CDs looking for titles and sentiments.

"Ok I have my Placebo song!" I declare.
"Blue American"

"What album?" he asks.

"Black Market Music", I say.

"I don't think I own that one. Will you mail it to me?"

So I try and figure out how to convert this song to an mp3, and start sending it across the miles to his campus flat.

"Did you pick one yet?" I ask.

"I think so. I think I'm going to select, 'This Picture'"

I scramble to try and find what album its on and give it a listen.

"Well thats a little dark" , I judge-

"Any darker than,

I read a book about the self
Said I should get expensive help
Go fix my head
Create some wealth
Put my neurosis on the shelf
But I don't care for myself
I don't care for myself" , he asks.

"Guess not-but mine is a metaphor-what's yours?"

"It's about getting old and missing the beauty of youth while traveling through your life."

"It is?" , I ask, confused.

"It is for me."

"alright-what's your non-Placebo song then?" ,I ask.

"That's easy. 'Perfect Day', Lou Reed. It's been in my head for a fortnight."

"oh :( well I need some time to figure mine out :)-amuse yourself while I think on this"

It was at this point that I was trying to think of something shocking, rather than answering the question. I hated that he was able to answer so quickly.
I started considering choices like, a ballad.
But nothing felt right.

So I checked on him-
"Darling, how are you? Getting too late for you to play yet?"

"no I'm fine :) I had a lie down after classes today. I'm reading our announcements page. Apparently Ron Jeremy is coming to speak."


"Yes. He'll be speaking to the Union. It's scheduled for today. Must see if I can get tickets!"

"Oh My :)"

I go back to searching for my non-Placebo song...

"Alright" I finally type, "Wicked Ways", by Garbage. It's on 2.0"

"Let me change CDs and pour another glass."

"me too" and I head to the kitchen to bring the entire bottle back with me this time.

Pouring another glass of wine, Flurry rolls over and stretches-taking up the entire bed- length wise.

"I guess I'm not going to bed any time soon. My dog is sleeping on her back, on my bed, her legs in the air, and doing a sort of running thing. It's very entertaining :)"

"Well I have to start my day soon Dear :(" he says, "It's almost 7 here."

"In the morning?!?!Are you mad?"

"No. At least I don't expect I am. Perhaps that is the first sign of madness?" he asks.

"It's either that, or dating someone via the internet :)" I offer.

"Are we dating now? I thought you would make me wait till we were in the same time zone before you allowed that."

"I'll allow it. As long as you know that allowance comes with many, many, many girl on girl kisses." I say.

Typical long pause at that

"The essence of true friendship is to make allowance for another's little lapses." he says.

"Is that yours or did you steal it?" I ask.

"Nicked, for your benefit, from David Storey"

"Well thank David Storey for me, and say good night, Darling."

"Good Morning Dear"
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Snatched from the WOW Report

I just ADORE the way James' mind works :)

Bradford Shellhammer-weblog interview he conducted with James St. James.

What is the key to happiness?

Living up to your potential? Being all that you can be? My friend Stephen Saban says the meaning of life is to be found in the Hokey Pokey: "You put your whole self in, you take your whole self out, you put your whole self in, and you shake it all about." That's about as good as anything I can come up with. Let's go with that.

My Fave from Project Runway-Austin Scarlett

1. Describe yourself as if you were writing a personals ad.
Young Ashley Wilkes seeks older Rhett Butler for intimate library tete-a-tete and possible splendor under the magnolias.

2. If you had two tickets to paradise, where would you go and who would you take?
Venice, with whomever responded to my personals ad.

3. Who plays you in the movie?
The little boy from Showbiz Moms & Dads.

4. Who do you go to for advice?
As many people as possible, and then I usually go with my original gut instinct.

5. What makes you cry?
Dorothy's farewell in The Wizard of Oz, Mimi's death in La Bohéme, and four beers and a Burt Bacharach-Dionne Warwick song.

What Wildly Out-of-Character Fanfic Snape Are You?

Canon Snape
Hey, you're not OOC at all! You are... Canon
Snape! You have the dubious honor of being the
ugly, sarcastic, greasy git so many of us know
and love. Regardless of whether you're in a
het, slash, or gen fic, you are the
detention-giving bastard who would never even
dream of cuddling a fluffy bunny rabbit or
wearing purple leather. Even if you do
something that seems OOC, your writer is good
enough to explain it so that it seems
believable. Unfortunately, it's fairly rare to
find you in fanfiction, but for those authors
who write you... Ten points to Slytherin!

What Wildly Out-of-Character Fanfic Snape Are You?
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Updates from the weekend

So Friday I went to Kittys and had a wonderfully silly time.
It was a girls night out-for the most part-and everyone was in rare form.

There are other photos to help us all refresh our memories, but for the modesty of those others involved, I won't share them here.

Saturday I met Matt and Carlos for a margarita, and then we went to IKEA.
No stampedes or kniffings took place.

Then Saturday night I had plans to go with Saryn to NoBar for drinks.
Instead we decided to stay in and watch Invader Zim on DVD with Greg and eat Chinese food.

Sunday I ran errands and picked up supplies for the Oscar cocktail party.
The party was a very casual, very fun evening.
We filled out ballots, had drinks, and talked trash about celebrities.
Chris and Megan had seen the least amount of the nominated films, and they got the most categories correct.

Yesterday I had my make up date with Bryan.
Not make up like from a fight-make up like in 'make it up to me'.

Bryan works for the same company I do-only he works out of Chicago.
Last month I attended a meeting with all sorts of people, and this guy gets up to give a presentation. I really have no idea what the presentation was about-
Because he sounded SO much like The Voice that I was too distracted to know what the Hell was coming out of his mouth.
And I was not the only one who noticed.
All the other gals at the meeting were flirting and asking him to call their voice mails so they could play his voice back for friends.

But I was being slick-

I waited till everyone started to settle in for lunch, and asked if he would like to go somewhere to have lunch with me, instead of eating the catered lunch there in the board room. I offered that we had already been in there all morning, and would be back that afternoon, so we should get out and get some fresh air.
And he accepted.
On the way out I said I wanted to stop by my desk and see if there were any pressing emails or voicemails that I needed to attend too.
I sit at my desk, unlock my screen saver, and before thinking up pops my wallpaper with THIS .

Not so slick-

So I turned bright red, and apologized.
And he started playing with my lego Snape that lives on my monitor.
He explained that I had no reason for feeling bad for asking him out for what he sounds like, since the reason he agreed to go out was because of how I look.

"Well that's rather honest.", I thought.

So we went to lunch, had a good time, went back to the meeting, and as it was breaking up I apologized for earlier, and he said I could make it up to him by going to dinner when he gets back into town. And I agreed.

So the make up date was last evening.

It was rather nice. He had hired a boat for a couple of hours to tour Ventura Harbor and out into the Santa Barbara Channel.
We drank wine and looked for sea lions and whales.
Saw 2 sea lions, a pod of dolphins, and no whales.
He's 45, from Surrey, and is planning to move back to England in a couple of years for an early retirement of golf and travel.
Ever the polite and proper gentleman, flowers arrived today thanking me for a lovely evening and asking permission to see me again.
There is SUCH a difference in dating a 45 year old man.
I'm planning to see him again for lunch before his trip ends, and will prolly see him again when he is back in a couple of weeks.
Not a love match, but definately someone I would like to see again.

Got home yesterday from the date and there in the mailbox was the anxiously awaited gift from Colin.
The back story on that is last week he asked what I had done to celebrate AR's birthday.
I told him what I did, and then teasingly asked what he did.
He said that while he was in London, he sent me a gift.
I fished for hints by asking if it was bigger than a bread box, or smaller than a carat-
He was not forthcoming with hints, instead saying I would have to have a look and then report back to him.
Needless to say, I was intrigued.
So last night I open the present, and find

For those not in the know, his above answer would make little sense.
To update the rest of you, the ever so yummy AR has a nude scene in this film.
And a boy on boy kiss.
I guess my report back will have to be, smaller than a breadbox, larger than a carat.
So thank you to my Darling Colin, for once again feeding my addiction.
(Colin that is now 1 hour and 15 mins late logging in to chat with me today)

How I HATE time zone differences :(

Not much else to report on-
I'm heading over to X post this and do some LJ surfing.
136 days 11 hours and 44 minutes left until I am in London and HBP comes out!