Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Feeling icky and no kissy kissy

I've been feeling under the weather for about a week now, and found out yesterday from the Dr that I have been in a battle with strep throat. :(
Getting a shot, and taking pills, while normally enough to make me unhappy, I have been told no talking and no kissing for 24 hours.
Kissing won't be a problem-I feel like crap and have no motivation to lip lock at the moment.
Talking-I had no idea how much I talk. Even at home on my own I'm usually singing or talking to the dog.
Writing down everything you want to say just plain sucks.

At least I'm feeling better.
And Saryn just reminded me that tomorrow is St. Pat's.
I can't BELIEVE I forgot St. Pat's!

Ah well.
Hope you are all doing well.


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