Friday, March 04, 2005

I think I have crossed the line to "FanGirl"

Last night, Matt, Saryn, and I met at Hollywood and Highland for dinner, drinks, shopping (and indulgent cookie ice cream sundaes).

Hot Topic had moved lots of their Harry Potter items to the clearance rack, and I picked up ANOTHER Harry spiral notebook, another pack of notebook paper with Sirius on it, some postcards, and some PoA trading cards.

I've been buying these damned trading cards for weeks now-
Saving all of them, prizing a select few, but never getting THE ONE that I wanted.
So after I paid, before I even left the store, I started opening the packs of cards I bought, searching.

As I stacked the cards into the 'neat' stack and the 'blah' stack, Saryn looked over my shoulder and grumbled when I went, "Ohh Lupin! He's hot!"
Draco portrait card goes into the neat stack, Knight Bus into the blah stack.
Then IT happened.

Opened the last pack of cards, and right there in all his beautiful glory, was the object of my desire.

Things get foggy here.

I remember hopping up and down, doing some frantic big cat pacing at the zoo jagged movements up and down the aisle, and I must have squeled, because the gal behind the counter, and some other shoppers were looking at me sort of frightened.

Matt said something about not being able to, "BELIEVE you are acting this way over a CARD", and I think Saryn laughed at me.

But I am in bliss.

Now I have to go to some baseball shop and get one of those nifty plastic protective frame thingies for it.
You know its going to be a good weekend when the start of it is a 98 cent purchase from a clearance rack that brings you so much joy.


And now some pix I had not seen before just to help everyone with the start of their good weekends :)


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