Tuesday, March 08, 2005

"If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life."

"How long has it been since you've written something?"
"I'm blogging almost every day." I replied.

"What about creative writing? How long?"
"I've been doing some free-verse, and wrote a zoo paper a few weeks ago."

"You used to love to write. You were always writing. One of my favorite images of you in my mind is you sitting on the floor, writing in your notebook."

This makes me smile.

"I've just not been inspired lately."
"How long is lately?" he continues prodding.
"a year? maybe 2?"

"I think you should write something. You were always at your best when you were writing."
"and what should I write about?" I ask.

"Everything or nothing. Anything that inspires you."
"If I had been inspired, I would have been writing :P"
"What are you excited about right now?"

"ummmm my trip-the new Potter book-my friends-you"
"So write about London, or something based on Potter."

"something smutty with me and Snape? >:)?"
"If that gets you writing, then yes. Write me some smut my Dear."

"You may have to wait a while for anything worth reading.", I warn.

"Anything worth having,... and all that"
"Yes. Anything worth having is worth waiting for." I smiled as I typed back to him.

Thats from Sunday's chat.
I started writing last night, and the words came.
I've just finished the first chapter.
For this I thank him.

I'd forgotten the accomplishment one feels when they realize they have completed a chapter.
There's a vanity, and an empowerment that is unmatched in any other part of life.
When the words fall from the mind, to the tongue, and then the page, you are the most powerful, most understood creature on the planet.

I emailed him something I didn't write on Monday just to scare him.
Some fun smut to try and shock him. (thanks to Sihaya for the use of her words)

It didn't work.

His reply to the email was simply, "You would never use that word. Not even in a fantasy"

He was right.

So I said I'd finish up the chapter tonight, and post a line from it to peak his interest.
It's a bit more than a line, but I think it's a good indication of plot points for the story.

"Her first answer was, “The Fidelius Charm allows a witch or wizard to completely conceal their identity from everyone, save their secret keeper. It is the use of this charm, and the inability of Muggles to think for themselves that allowed the Hathorne's to control Salem in 1692, acquire the lands of anyone they sucessfully found guilty, and amass a great fortune at the expense of those they murdered.”
She laughed again.
That would not do.
She edited her reply, wrote the boring book answer, and continued with the exam, writing out a quick and lengthy roll of parchment that would make everyone-even her father- proud of her."


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