Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Updates from the weekend

So Friday I went to Kittys and had a wonderfully silly time.
It was a girls night out-for the most part-and everyone was in rare form.

There are other photos to help us all refresh our memories, but for the modesty of those others involved, I won't share them here.

Saturday I met Matt and Carlos for a margarita, and then we went to IKEA.
No stampedes or kniffings took place.

Then Saturday night I had plans to go with Saryn to NoBar for drinks.
Instead we decided to stay in and watch Invader Zim on DVD with Greg and eat Chinese food.

Sunday I ran errands and picked up supplies for the Oscar cocktail party.
The party was a very casual, very fun evening.
We filled out ballots, had drinks, and talked trash about celebrities.
Chris and Megan had seen the least amount of the nominated films, and they got the most categories correct.

Yesterday I had my make up date with Bryan.
Not make up like from a fight-make up like in 'make it up to me'.

Bryan works for the same company I do-only he works out of Chicago.
Last month I attended a meeting with all sorts of people, and this guy gets up to give a presentation. I really have no idea what the presentation was about-
Because he sounded SO much like The Voice that I was too distracted to know what the Hell was coming out of his mouth.
And I was not the only one who noticed.
All the other gals at the meeting were flirting and asking him to call their voice mails so they could play his voice back for friends.

But I was being slick-

I waited till everyone started to settle in for lunch, and asked if he would like to go somewhere to have lunch with me, instead of eating the catered lunch there in the board room. I offered that we had already been in there all morning, and would be back that afternoon, so we should get out and get some fresh air.
And he accepted.
On the way out I said I wanted to stop by my desk and see if there were any pressing emails or voicemails that I needed to attend too.
I sit at my desk, unlock my screen saver, and before thinking up pops my wallpaper with THIS .

Not so slick-

So I turned bright red, and apologized.
And he started playing with my lego Snape that lives on my monitor.
He explained that I had no reason for feeling bad for asking him out for what he sounds like, since the reason he agreed to go out was because of how I look.

"Well that's rather honest.", I thought.

So we went to lunch, had a good time, went back to the meeting, and as it was breaking up I apologized for earlier, and he said I could make it up to him by going to dinner when he gets back into town. And I agreed.

So the make up date was last evening.

It was rather nice. He had hired a boat for a couple of hours to tour Ventura Harbor and out into the Santa Barbara Channel.
We drank wine and looked for sea lions and whales.
Saw 2 sea lions, a pod of dolphins, and no whales.
He's 45, from Surrey, and is planning to move back to England in a couple of years for an early retirement of golf and travel.
Ever the polite and proper gentleman, flowers arrived today thanking me for a lovely evening and asking permission to see me again.
There is SUCH a difference in dating a 45 year old man.
I'm planning to see him again for lunch before his trip ends, and will prolly see him again when he is back in a couple of weeks.
Not a love match, but definately someone I would like to see again.

Got home yesterday from the date and there in the mailbox was the anxiously awaited gift from Colin.
The back story on that is last week he asked what I had done to celebrate AR's birthday.
I told him what I did, and then teasingly asked what he did.
He said that while he was in London, he sent me a gift.
I fished for hints by asking if it was bigger than a bread box, or smaller than a carat-
He was not forthcoming with hints, instead saying I would have to have a look and then report back to him.
Needless to say, I was intrigued.
So last night I open the present, and find

For those not in the know, his above answer would make little sense.
To update the rest of you, the ever so yummy AR has a nude scene in this film.
And a boy on boy kiss.
I guess my report back will have to be, smaller than a breadbox, larger than a carat.
So thank you to my Darling Colin, for once again feeding my addiction.
(Colin that is now 1 hour and 15 mins late logging in to chat with me today)

How I HATE time zone differences :(

Not much else to report on-
I'm heading over to X post this and do some LJ surfing.
136 days 11 hours and 44 minutes left until I am in London and HBP comes out!


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