Saturday, April 02, 2005

2:36 Saturday Morning

So I'm driving home from Kitty's
Not drunk-if anything barely tipsy.
For some strange reason I call the UK on my cell phone

"What are you doing?"
"I'm having breakfast and reading the paper. What are you doing?"

"I'm exiting the freeway-want to meet me on line in a few minutes?"

and then he did

"Did you have fun?" he asks.
"I did."

"Should you have driven home?"
"I should have."

"Were you the Pope?"
"I was. Only now I can't untie this corset :("

"No afterhours event with pictures of you kissing boys?"
"no. just Kittys with pictures of me kissing boys."

"So what are you doing instead of going to bed?"
"listening to The Verve and missing you :)"

"Oh really?"
"oh yes"

"and what are you doing?" I ask.
"I already told you. I was having breakfast. I'm reading the paper and sort of watching Snatch."
"I like that movie."
"me too."
"Did you have fun? Were there lots of people there?"
"Chris and Abby were there, and Matt, and Megan and Duckie and Phil"
"Did you have fun?"
"I did. But now they are all at home having sex, and I'm online chatting to a boy eating beans and toast :)"
"I'd rather be there with you, if that helps."
"It does, and I'd rather you be here too."
"and if I were?"
"who knows :)"

"do you like jello?"
"theres always room for jello", I say.
"Do you know this song?"

"All I could think of, was how many boxes it would take?
What would be the most alluring colour?
The most delicious flavour?
And how could that affect our oral explarations?
If the Jello gets firm, would I bounce?"

"I like that song." I say
"My favorite part," I continue is, "Overhaul a prudish attitude.
Don't whistle and stick up your nose, at least, not up in the air."

"so were there pictures of The Pontiff in action?" he asks.
"I think so. I know I took a lot of pictues of the group."

"What are your plans today?"
"I'm going to see a movie with Ryan and Chris and Abby at noon."
"What time is it now?" he asks.
"It's after 3"
"I think you should go to bed. Drink some water first."
"I think you are right. Can I paste this to my blog?"
"Is it intereting?"
"Are you interested?", I ask.
"Most definately."
"Then I'll cut and paste it. If for no other reason, then so I can read that you said most definately tomorrow when I re-read this :) "

"Say good night Gracie"
"Good Morning Darling :)"
"Good Night my Dear, Sweet Dreams"


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