Monday, April 04, 2005

Doomsday Inspiration?

I know I'm late writing the Top 10 Album post :(
I promise to get to it soon-
Tonight I'm distracted surfing for images to inspire me for Kitty's theme this week, Post Apocalypse.
And I'm not finding much that is inspiring-
I always try and think of something beyond first ideas, hoping to come up with something I don't expect to see anyone else wearing.
So far, no luck.
I also received a book in the mail today from Colin and his trip to the British Library to see the exhibit I didn't understand why he wanted to see.
Now looking through the book, I wish I had been able to go :)
So I'm surfing, reading this book, and not doing any album compiling-
Forgive my distracted nature tonight.
Hope you are all well


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