Tuesday, April 19, 2005

guess I really need to jump on renewing my passport

I bought my ticket today.
I'm happily excited.

And Colin has arranged the use of his friend Michael's guest room while I am there.
Woo Hoo to a free place to stay in London!

I'll spend Thursday and Friday happily on my own, then he'll join me on Friday night for dinner, drinks, and HP book release silliness.
(Does that give me 2 days of uninterupted stalking?

Saturday it's on to Oxford, where the plan is just to relax and see the countryside.

Monday we're back into London, then to Kent for dinner with his Mother
(yes I'm terrified)

Tuesday is back to London for the London Zoo and then either a show or a private dinner.

Wednesday I am on the plane and heading home,
Likely exhausted and in need of a vacation :)


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