Sunday, May 15, 2005


I'm feeling rather perplexed-
about my self, and about the world around me.
It's like I'm not really sure who I am at the moment, or what I'm supposed to, or perhaps in other instances-should, be doing.

It's not a typical, "Why are we here?", or re-examination of life the way a lot of us do as birthdays approach.

It's just the feeling of something not quite being right.

And I'm becoming increasingly nervous about impending travel and intentions of those near and not so near at hand.

I fear that in my desire to protect, and protect the happiness of those I care about, that I'm shunning one, while shuffling another.

I don't understand who I am, and I'm confused by those around me.

And I'm sure that due to a resolution to never find myself in a situation like my last relationship, I'm unfairly shutting people out, and prolly being over protective of a friend who I also don't want to see in that similar place.

Crux est si metuas quod vincere nequeas


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