Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Random Posting

Not really in the writing mindset the last few days-
My previously mentioned short story has stalled on chapter 4, I've not been up for blogging all week, and my free verse is sounding rather insipid.

As I am always one to point out that it is good to want,
I find myself wanting:
some of this
(Yes I am enjoying the white man's game of golf!)

I've got new bad boy issues, as my latest crush is not this actor, but this character-

and then theres the wanting of someones company while he is away for a week-
(though he did take the time to call and check in on me-if only for a quick moment)

and now for some photos of my frustrating Sims-
for those who I have not bitched to yet, I've been playing the Sims Makin' Magic expansion, and as would be obvious, downloaded a Snape Sim.
Then I made a Sim of myself-
Put the two together, and simulated my own Snapetastic silliness-
The frustrating part of it has been that the Snape sim is great at everything, and the Skarlett sim is crap.

Here's the picture the game took when he for some reason proposed to her, and she was smart enough to say yes before he realized what a magic failure she was-he has not called her a 'muggle' yet, but I think its coming soon-

Snape sim can mix potions, conjure mummies, wake the dead, and turns people who annoy him into toads. The game allows you to purchase magic tools, and here is Snape in his library at work.
Skarlett sim can not even get the damned computer thing to help her-
Her wand is also crap, and when she tried to wake the dead they pointed and laughed at her :(

Snape sim is a loner most of the time, but one of the odd things he likes to do is baby talk to the stray cats that are in the area.

And although he won't let Skarlett sim kiss him first thing in the morning-to the point of pushing her away-when he decides he wants her, he goes for it.

Perhaps a bit too accurately, Sim Snape also feels the need to lecture her about her addictions.

In the end though, I guess it's Sim love-at the end of a long day of him being perfect at everything, and her being left at home to chop potion ingredients for him, when they turn in for the night he is sweet when he dreams.


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