Friday, June 10, 2005

"Bless your little Irish heart and every other Irish part."

He's on his way to Dublin to spend a few days at Trinity.

Ah Trinity :)

It's where we met, and where we fell in lust.

Set the controls in the 'way back' machine to 4 years ago.

Everyone working on the project met at a very early, and very misty 7 a.m. at the front gate to Trinity College.
Introductions were made, backgrounds shared, schedules set, and a tour taken.
At the end of the day the group decided to head out for drinks and socializing.

I very distinctly remember calling home that first night and Jeff asking if I had met anyone fun. I told him about a quiet boy from Kent-who now worked at Oxford-that could be fun if he had any personality.

As last names would have it, two weeks later that shy boy from Kent and I were teamed together to head to Oxford to research the university portion of Oscar's writing career.

But back to the present-

He sent me an email before heading for the train that said he'd be thinking of me as he walked through the gate.

I hope he checks his mail while he is there.

I replied saying he should keep walking through the gate, across campus, out the west gate, make a left, and then straight on till Merrion Square.

That was my entire reply.


Because the day before we were set to leave for Oxford, he and I met for lunch, went for a walk, and to try to bond while I showed him Dublin.
After a couple of pints at lunch, shy boy started to become not so shy boy :)
Shy boy turned into smartass boy who was sort of sexy in a smart boy kind of way.

But back to Merrion Square-

It was there, across from the home Wilde was born in, next to the statue in the park, where I told him if he gave me a boost so I could climb up onto the statue, and lay my head in Wilde's lap, I'd thank him with a kiss.

Did he jump at the chance?
He asked if all Texas girls are so forward :)

Did he help me?
Of course he did.

Did I kiss him?
I slid off the statue with my natural lack of grace and skinned my shins and cut my knee-

Instead of kissing me, he helped me up (once he stopped laughing), hooked my arm over his shoulder, and we hobbled across the road, using my heavily bleeding knee as an excuse to get into the house, that was closed to the public.

After the caretaker showed me the WC and gave me a bandaid, he let us take a look around.

As I hopped up the stairs on one foot, laughing far too loud at myself and the silliness of it all, he stopped, came down two steps to meet me, and kissed me.

And it's my favorite first kiss I've ever received.


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