Monday, June 13, 2005

"Common sense, indeed! said the Rocket indignantly; you forget that I am very uncommon, and very remarkable."

'I have aquired two copies of the book, one for each of us, and would very much like permission to use one of your quotes.'

He's spending his grant money.
Not on my quote-
He's spending it in Dublin doing research for his lecture series.

The original grant was awarded for a paper he wrote, and he planned to use the award as funding to research his next paper, and for curriculum for the next year.
Now he has also been asked to lecture at some other universities, and this will mean even more financial reward for doing something he loves.

Can one be proud and jealous at the same time?

And I wish I was in Dublin at the moment.
Instead I am in LA, nursing an exhausting sunburn and learning how to load songs to my iPod.

I have to reply to his email asking what he wants to quote.
I have not even SEEN the published book, so I have no clue what made the final printing and what did not.

In addition to the part about the quote, he also wrote, 'What a vision you would be at the Ladies Club tea in your BarSlut shirt!'

This means he has been to my website today, and has viewed the pictures from Friday night.
No further comment on my "kissing problem", or mention of any of the other silliness that was captured by Saryn's camera.

He should not poke the badger :)
Now my mind is in overdrive trying to think of something sassy to wear with high shock value.


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