Monday, June 20, 2005

"It's possible that green just doesn't suit the Irish skin colour, which is generally pale blue."

I should know better.
It's not like I have not been blessed (cursed?) with the same skin tone my entire life.
I've delighted in being described as alabaster, or skin that was as sweet as milk.
And yet and still, without fail, I somehow seem to forget that I am not the type of gal that can go out in the sun without layers of shade, and much sunscreen.
I own parasols-I know, who actually carries parasols anymore-
I own sunscreen
I even use them most of the time.
For whatever reason, yesterday, I was at Venice beach, reading a book, laying on my stomach as Matt napped, and in a bikini.
I THOUGHT I had put on enough sunscreen. The breeze was actually chilly, and I had no idea how much damage was being done, until it was too late.
The damage only worsened as the evening wore on.
Skarlett no longer refers to, a similarity to Scarlett, or a hair color, or even an old DJ monikor.
Now it simply refers to a very painful, very hot (not in a good way), very stressed front pale girl who hopes her sunglass burned face, and her back heals well enough before she gets on the plane.


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