Wednesday, June 01, 2005

"Oh, dear no!" Wilde replied, "He was a peculiarly plain boy."

“Between you and Jeff, I’m feeling like quite the kissing bandit.” I said

“I’m not sure about Jeff, but I’m receiving no benefits of that what so ever.”

HE thinks I have a ‘kissing problem’.

Jeff thinks my argument that it not counting because I only kiss gay boys is a ‘typical’ girl response.

I’m frustrated.

The above conversation stems from a chat yesterday, after he had a peek at pix from Friday night’s funness.

While looking over the photos, which I felt were somewhat tamer than usual, he commented that I might have a ‘kissing problem’.

This is in part due to my desire to only kiss pretty gay boys, who I feel no fear of expectations from.

If they are gay, then I don’t have to worry about them mistaking my play as anything other than a silly time.

It’s been a way for someone who really enjoys kissing and making out, to get to do it without any clingy boys or icky relationship hassles.

But does that make it a problem?

Jeff pointed out that I don’t kiss gay boys I find unattractive to look at.

He also pointed out that I don’t kiss gay boys that I am not in some way attracted too- Be it personality, or fun factor, or whatever.

Does that make it a problem?

Then Jeff asked how I would feel if I found out that the HE in question was kissing boys.
That was the wrong question to ask me. Cute boys kissing eachother?

I didn’t see a problem with that at all.

So this morning, I brought up the subject again.
Not the subject of his kissing other boys, just the subject of my ‘problem’.

“I don’t see what the big deal is.” I say.
“The big deal is that you spend a lot of your time kissing!”
“Kissing is fun” I defend.
“Kissing is fun” he agreed.
“it’s just kissing-its meaningless-a kiss is nothing.” I say.
“is it meaningless that I find myself thinking about the next time I get to kiss you again?”


Sentimental, sweet hearted, bastard

So not all kisses are meaningless, and not all kisses mean nothing.

But some are, and some do.

Some things we do in life, just for the sheer pleasure of it.
If we’re not hurting anyone, if it’s between consenting adults, and no one is under any false conceptions.

Fun for the sake of fun.

After all, life is meant to be lived.
Do what makes you happy.
Don’t do what makes you unhappy.
Why live a life that makes you unhappy?

It’s like eating desert before dinner, going for a walk in the rain, or sharing an inside joke with a close friend.

Simple things make for simple joy, and kissing is one such thing.

Now I’m weighing-

Fun of meaningless makeout sessions with pretty gay boys
Ensuring a friend does not doubt

Maybe it’s a slow step kind of thing-

Like you can lead a cold turkey to water, but you can’t make out with it type of thing.


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