Monday, July 18, 2005

...and today I fell in love with Oxford

'If you came in from the street and went through the College...
the sense of gradual penetration into a holy of holies was very strong.
First you went through the Newton quadrangle which is dry and gravelly;florid but beautiful.
Georgian buildings look down upon it.
Next you must enter a cool tunnel-like passage, nearly dark at midday unless either the door into the Hall should be open on your right or the buttery hatch on your left, giving you a glimpse of indoor daylight falling on panels, and a whiff of the smell of fresh bread.
When you emerged from this tunnel you would find yourself in the medieval college: in the cloister of the much smaller quadrangle called Republic...
Half a mile is a short walk, yet it seemed a long time before I came to the centre of the Wood.
I knew if was the centre, for there was the thing I had chiefly come to see.
It was a well: a well with steps going down to it and the remains of an ancient pavement about it.
I did not step on it, but I lay down on the grass and touched it with my fingers.
For this was the heart of Bracton or Bragdon wood: out of this all the legends had come and on this, I suspected, the very existence of the College had originally depended.'

That Hideous Strength, C S Lewis

My latest affair, Mr Blackwell, provided me with a thirst for the above.

We sought out the Fellows Garden, found the spot, and then it began to rain.
Ah Bliss!
Finally a lovely, seductive, rainy afternoon.
Perhaps I could spend some days here afterall.


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