Thursday, July 07, 2005

"Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy you must have somebody to divide it with."

Lots and lots of emails and voicemail messages to go through today.

I'm overcome with relief that everyone across the pond is accounted for, and filled with such warmth at everyone's kind words and concern.

The wishes and thoughts from so many friends has been humbling.

Doug would say its awesomtastic-I think thats how he spells it.
However it's spelled, it's a very good way to describe the surprise and appreciation I'm feeling thanks to everyones outpouring.

Yes I'm still going on my trip-(sorry Mum)
though the plans while there have changed a bit.

M and C are no longer getting married in Vegas-

C was struck by flying glass this morning and had to spend some time in hospital getting lots of stitches on her face, and having glass removed from one of her eyes.
In a very Shawn of the Dead type adventure, she couldn't connect using her mobile, and his mobile was not working, so she had the hospital call his local.
Some kid who works there ran up the block and knocked on his door to tell him where she was.
He was understandably freaked out, and she has some blank spaces in her memory of everything that she's seen.
After the day they've had, she no longer feels up to flying to the U.S. for a wedding, or much of anything.
In a few hours they are heading to her parents home in Manchester to give her some time to relax and settle down.

Hopes are for the availability of the church she attended growing up being available one week from Saturday.

So out of tragedy, a bit of celebration of life and love :)


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