Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"I'm Oscar Wilde, BEOTCH! Keep yo' mitts offa ma bling-age!"

Expierence the fun of Uncyclopedia for yourself.
It's hours and hours of fun!

Oscar "The Pimp" Wilde (-1017 A.C. - 1998 A.C.) was a Welsh musician, Freemason, noted wit, astrologer, tarotist, nudist, professional trampolinist, inventor of Sex Wax, clinical bear masturbator, man-about-town, jack of all trades, and legendary pork swordsman. He was also the Founder and Chief Editor of the Uncyclopedia and Master of the Hallowed Book.


* -536 A.C. - Wilde invents the wheel, because dragging around his awards and novels was becoming tiring.

Famous Quotes Stolen Borrowed By Companies and Lesser Authors
"Show me the moneyyyyyy!!!!!"
"I do believe, my dear, that it must absolutely, positively be there overnight."
"Let us not go to Camelot; it is a silly place frought with much ado about nothing."
"Strap-ons remind me of the Importance of being Harnessed"


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