Monday, August 29, 2005


Apparently there is a gift option in the U.K. that you can set up play lists, and post them to fellow iPodders. You can also set up codes, like gift cards, that let people download specific play lists you have created.

Colin sent me an iSkar list-
It's long.
And yes it's a romantic gesture.

So I won't bore you with the details of why he picked each song-lots of sweet sentiment (which he is prone too), some confusing selections, and plenty of dance music that he has begrudgingly started listening to in preparation of a future with a BarSlut.

Cool Part?
Versions of songs I've never heard before, bands I've never heard of, and an insight into what he thinks of as the soundtrack to me.

Not so Cool Part?

Pleasant Surprises...
Passengers, 'Slug'
John Williams, 'Hedwigs Theme'
Pulp, 'Something Changed'
Dead Can Dance, 'Enigma of the Absolute'
Simple Minds, 'Belfast Child'

Amusing but Obvious...
Oasis and The Chemical Bros, 'Setting Sun'
and another Oasis song
and another
and another
and another
Moulin Rouge Soundtrack, 'Come What May'
Texas, 'In Demand'

Confusing and will ponder for days...
A Touch of Class, 'Around the World'
Buffalo Springfield, 'For What It's Worth'
Arcade Fire, 'Neighborhood #1 (Tunnel)'

Wow he was pissed when we broke up the first time...
The Verve, 'So Sister'
Fiona Apple, 'Criminal'
Soft Cell, 'Tainted Love'
Joni Mitchell, 'Both Sides, Now'

Brand new to me bands to give a listen to...

The Crimea
Louis XIV

Including The Flaming Lips song that late at night/early early early in the morning, he'll phone and sing to me in a very sleepy voice.


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