Thursday, September 29, 2005

"Yet in oure asshen olde is fyr yreke. "

Lots of fire-
Hell fire-brimstone type stuffs
Literally raining ash-
very interesting thing to witness-
and the smokers, standing out in the smoke of the wild fires, with the ash pouring down on them, asking for a light.
So I went home.

Worked from home.

Had a documentary on the background that made me doubt I'd ever read. "Waiting for Godot".

WHO do you say they were waiting for?

I always thought they were waiting for realization.

Could I be so wrong?
Were they waiting for God?


Beckett is a genius. This is true.
Was he a philosopher?
I'm not sure.
I am sure that he personifies all that is wondrous and magical of the Irish story teller.
Were they waiting for God?
Fucking public television and their documentaries!

Different tangent...

Finished my Barbarella costume for Friday night AND two bottles of wine with Sayrn.

The smoke and ash are giving my sinuses a right buggering-not in a good way.

This was sent to me, so I share it with you...

Friday, September 23, 2005

"How clever you are, my dear! You never mean a single word you say."

1-Never wake up a man who is 8 hours AHEAD of your time zone on a school night.
It is far too easy for them to call you at just the right times through the night, to prevent a good nights sleep.

Too easy for them to call you three times to be more precise.

2-Never trust a man who spouts poetry
It'll just mislead you into a false sense of sweetness.

And finally,

3-Never try and get sympathy from a roommate who thinks such activities are entertaining.
You'll only end up sleepy AND grumpy.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

"It is not good a sleping hound to wake. "

I came home to an empty house, and took advantage of the moment by calling someone many hours ahead of me, late into his night, and waking him up.

After ruining his chances of falling back asleep, I told him I had to run, and go to meet Saryn for our weekly hike.

He was not pleased.
He threatned to call me several times tonight to make sure my sleep is also interupted.
I simply planned to turn all the ringers off to insure I would hear no treacherous telephone tones.

Get back from the hike and a nice dinner with Saryn and Matt,
Plug in the iPod-hope the battery will charge.
Check email and receive the confirmation that he was indeed still awake at least an hour after I called.

Good-night? ah! no; the hour is ill
Which severs those it should unite;
Let us remain together still,
Then it will be good night.

How can I call the lone night good,
Though thy sweet wishes wing its flight?
Be it not said, thought, understood --
Then it will be -- good night.

To hearts which near each other move
From evening close to morning light,
The night is good; because, my love,
They never say good-night.

Maybe I want to stay awake afterall :)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

"Bewitch the mind an ensnare the senses"

A lot on the mind lately-not feeling motivated to write.
Needless to say challenges of real life are having an effect on play time, ex-patriot thoughts, and day to day motivations.
The mindset will be somewhat clearer once husband number 1 explains to me his math plans for improved resources, and once husband number 2 gets back from Kent and can spend some time online with me keeping me distracted.

Come Monday, once I hear everything is fine, I expect to be a little closer to my old self again.

I'll share this since someone thought to send it to me :)

Your word is BUGGER. You are generally quite
restrained, but sometimes your anger or
frustration come to the surface and it all
comes out. Yet you somehow can't stop sounding
polite, despite it all.

Which Swear (Curse) Word Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery"

So BUNAC it is-
means I'll be able to live and work in the U.K. for up to 6 months without any other requirements.
Though you're not SUPPOSED to already be there and look into employment sponsorship, the attorney seems to think with this BUNAC status it will be ok.

To qualify for BUNAC I need 8 active credit hours on a transcript for the semester right before I plan to enter the country.

Further information is being obtained as to what sort of classes are acceptable.

So there it is :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"Many things--such as loving, going to sleep, or behaving unaffectedly--are done worst when we try hardest to do them."

I'd seen two wonderful films in two days-



Dead Man

Kinsey was wonderfully subtle in every wonderful way.
Except that bit where the boy kissed him-I had a not so subtle response to that.

Saryn and Matt had both praised this film, and it was one of those that past me by because I could not find anyone interested in attending with me.

Kinsey test?

I've taken it-

I'm apparently more hetro than homo-which I knew-but not completely hetro-which is a good thing I think :)

Dead Man-

Thanks to falling in love (again) with the western, this film was recommended to me by the Darling Colin.
Still not sure if it's a Texan thing to love the western, or if it's just a me thing-but it's been rejuvinated thanks to Deadwood.

I've had Dead Man from Netflix for ages, and finally got around to watching it last night.
Wonderfully episodic, black and white, implied plot with great visuals and a study in interaction.
Not a typical western, which makes it a wonderfully atypical film.

I'm a fan of the spaghetti western-I hate Sharon Stone for getting to play "The Lady" instead of me.
It's magical camera work and a gritty, yet tradional in a non-traditional way sort of western with a gal as the lead.
And it's not that far off from 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly'

Ace Hanlon: You wanna play poker with me, little lady?
Ellen: Looks like you're having a pretty good time playing with yourself.

So ANYWAY 'Dead Man',

Depp stars as a normal William Blake, mistaken for THE William Blake by a Native American who in his youth was captured by the white man and taken on tour as a savage who eventually found himself in the British education system, and thus recognizes the name William Blake-
He thinks this William Blake is THE William Blake, and it is his duty to help this spirit to pass on to the next world.

Great surprise performances-Gabriel Byrne, Chris Glover, and Iggy Pop as a pair of fur trappers bitch called Sally.

How did I miss this film?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Puff Skar

Does this give you a toothache?