Thursday, September 29, 2005

"Yet in oure asshen olde is fyr yreke. "

Lots of fire-
Hell fire-brimstone type stuffs
Literally raining ash-
very interesting thing to witness-
and the smokers, standing out in the smoke of the wild fires, with the ash pouring down on them, asking for a light.
So I went home.

Worked from home.

Had a documentary on the background that made me doubt I'd ever read. "Waiting for Godot".

WHO do you say they were waiting for?

I always thought they were waiting for realization.

Could I be so wrong?
Were they waiting for God?


Beckett is a genius. This is true.
Was he a philosopher?
I'm not sure.
I am sure that he personifies all that is wondrous and magical of the Irish story teller.
Were they waiting for God?
Fucking public television and their documentaries!

Different tangent...

Finished my Barbarella costume for Friday night AND two bottles of wine with Sayrn.

The smoke and ash are giving my sinuses a right buggering-not in a good way.

This was sent to me, so I share it with you...


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