Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Thank You Laurel :)

Monday, October 24, 2005

"Home is home, be it ever so humble"

Jones AIM'd me, "Don't you live in the SO?"
"the so? whats the so?"

"Not the so, the S O"
"What's the S O?"
"Sherman Oaks, gah! Don't you live there?"

"Sherman Oaks is now the SO. It's THE place to live now!"
"according to whom?"
"The LA Times, and E news."

"The LA Times says Sherman Oaks is the place to live now?"
"They just wrote an entire piece on it, and the E channel did a segment on all the celebrities moving from the hills into the SO. Buffy lives there."

"Yeah I saw her and Shaggy at the hardware store buying a grill"
"and Duff and Chris Klein and Sherilyn Fenn and Jim Carrey and Barbara I'm a Genie Eden!"
"wow. Does this mean I can expect a show named after the area that is nothing like the area soon on TV?"
"Haven't heard anything yet, but I did see a shirt that says I am SO S.O."

Friday, October 21, 2005

Where I would have simply said the deer are pretty...

Husabnd #2 wrote the following to be used as part of the orientation package-

"Our 'beastes' are nurtured with affectionate care. The new quad, mercifully bereft of soaring concrete and acres of sheet glass, will not frighten them. Indeed, since our President ensured that the windows actually open, it may prove a welcome source of port. A Tutor may still rush from New Buildings to demand that a pre-lunch croquet game stops - 'The clicking of the balls is most irritating!' - but another who found 'the noise of the rutting not conducive to academic thought' said it with a grin. Despite the periodic misfortunes of individual animals, the herd placidly chomps its way towards its tercentenary, adding beauty and interest to the College, and offering a case study in female toleration of testosterone-driven Darwinianism. History, millenarianism, and the success of our Eight is convincing the discerning among the student body to petition for the only addition the College is really short of apart from more women Fellows, another pair of emu . . ."

Rutting not conducive to academic thought?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"Thy fate is the common fate of all; Into each life some rain must fall"

LA had its first real rain of the season.
And it was actually like a real storm-there was thunder, and lightnenenening and a downpour.

Rain makes for a very happy Skarlett :)

-Until poor shopping choices are splashed in my face.

Great rain inventions?
The dome umbrealla, Wellies, and doggie slickers for those who hate that they have to squat in wet grass.

Rain inventions of teh suck?

Duck Shoes

Duck Shoes are ass when it comes to walking in the rain.
Pointless bits of rubber that serve no purpose other than frustrating a woman who normally thinks shoes can do no wrong.

I hate Duck Shoes.

Now I want these!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

"“And now here they are! The most daredevil group of daffy drivers to ever whirl their wheels in the Wacky Races."

Penelope Pittstop was the epitome of grace and feminity when I was a young girl.
The Wacky Racers were everything in symbolism and actuality for my adolescent world/ existance.

So I'm home-after a late night out-and there is a channel showing the Wacky Racers.

They're all there.

Dick Dastardly, Mutley, and Penelope.

Irony is that the episode being shown at 3:00 a.m on this particular Saturday is the only episode I completely remember from my youth.
I'm even able to recite some of the dialogue.

No wonder I used to want to weld a stegosaurus fin to my 70 Beetle.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

O Rome! my country! city of the soul!

Husband #2 is on a plane and starting his weekend in Rome.
He's been granted access to the collection at the Keats-Shelley house.

And I'm jealous :)

I was trying to think of something that would equate-
Working all day, then hopping a plane and being in another country by dinner time.
I suppose the closest I could do would be to fly to San Francisco for the night.
Just not nearly as interesting, exciting, or captivating.

It's not as though I'd be able to spend any time with him while there anyway.
He's going to be out of his mind, silly-happy reading old letters, manuscripts, and taking notes, while I'd be left in the city on my own.

Of course...
Rome is filled with great shoe stores.

"Quanto e pattini?"

First thing I learned in Italian :)
BEFORE learning to ask where the bathroom was.
Sometimes I'm such a silly girl.

So I'm in for a weekend of non-distraction.
He's off to Rome,
Saryn is off to San Jose,
and I've no idea what sort of mischief I can find for myself.

Byron, George Gordon, Lord (1788-1824)

O Rome! my country! city of the soul!
The orphans of the heart must turn to thee,
Lone mother of dead empires! and control
In their shut breasts their petty misery.
What are our woes and sufferance? Come and see
The cypress, hear the owl, and plod your way
O'er steps of broken thrones and temples, Ye!
Whose agonies are evils of a day--
A world is at our feet as fragile as our clay.

The Niobe of nations! there she stands,
Childless and crownless, in her voiceless woe;
An empty urn within her withered hands,
Whose holy dust was scattered long ago;
The Scipios' tomb contains no ashes now;
The very sepulchres lie tenantless
Of their heroic dwellers: dost thou flow,
Old Tiber! through a marble wilderness?
Rise, with thy yellow waves, and mantle her distress.

The Goth, the Christian, Time, War, Flood, and Fire,
Have dealth upon the seven-hilled city's pride;
She saw her glories star by star expire,
And up the steep barbarian monarchs ride,
Where the car climbed the Capitol; far and wide
Temple and tower went down, nor left a site:
Chaos of ruins! who shall trace the void,
O'er the dim fragments cast a lunar light,
And say, "here was, or is," where all is doubly night!

The double night of ages, and of her,
Night's daughter, Ignorance, hath wrapt and wrap
All round us: we but feel our way to err:
The ocean hath its chart, the stars their map,
And Knowledge spreads them on her ample lap;
But Rome is as the desert, where we steer
Stumbling o'er recollections; now we clap
Our hands, and cry "Eureka!" it is clear--
When but some false mirage of ruin rises near.

Alas! the lofty city! and alas!
The trebly hundred triumphs! and the day
When Brutus made the dagger's edge surpass
The conqueror's sword in bearing fame away!
Alas for Tully's voice, and Vergil's lay,
And Livy's pictured page!--but these shall be
Her resurrection; all beside--decay.
Alas, for Earth, for never shall we see,
That brightness in her eye she bore when Rome
Was free!

Monday, October 10, 2005

"It is always your next move."

I had the realization this weekend, that there are a number of folks on the fringe who I am making social plans and commitments with, who I am not doing so out of a desire to spend time with them, but due to feeling obligated or trying to protect thier feelings.

This is not a good thing.

Being at an event, with lots of people and goings on-but spending the time wondering how long you have to stay to be polite.


Being out with someone who you adore, doing nothing-wishing there was more time to keep doing it.

I've always been an enabler, and I do fret too much about the feelings of those around me.
I'm going to TRY to stop doing that.
I babysit far too much, and I'm too old to have friends who need babysitting.


The weekend...

Carlos is much fun when he mixes champagne, white, and red wine in one night.
My Sky Captain costume is almost finished-just need to make the belt and sort out a vintage looking camera.
Red Riding Hood is done except for a red riding hood.
Slytherin quidditch has not been started yet-will need to make the robe, the top, and the gloves and leg pads.
(At least I don't need that one till Nov 18th)

Colin is now also rowing on an Oxford City team, and they did well Saturday, but did not place on Sunday :(

On Sunday Saryn and I went to the Whimsical Alley shop, and I bought far less than either of us guessed I would.
I did get a wand, a Snape toy of some sort, a Slytherin pin for Ryan, and some Snapecentric pins and a post card for myself.

So I've got a Monday off thanks to a confused Spaniard who thought he was in India.
Got to sleep lateish, got a lovely wake up call, and am considering sneaking behind Jeff's back and making a Halloween costume for the Flurry today.
Then she and I could enter the owner and dog costume contest next Saturday at Three Dog Bakery.

Or maybe I'll go to the zoo
Or go see the film Capote
Or work on my Sky Captain belt
Or actually put away my laundry
Or chuck it all and throw crap in a bag, buy an over priced plane ticket, and a late night dinner across the pond.

I'm so anxious for change, and I feel like I'm at the corner pressing the cross walk button, and its not turning green.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"In skating over thin ice our safety is our speed"


It's back-and it's like it never left.

Except for the new rules-
That'll take some adjustment.

The first period had me hating life-by the end I was doing a silly dance.

This game gives me a rush, and takes me on an emotional roller coaster, like nothing else.

Fair Warning-
Don't call me :)
Hockey is on!

Dallas Stars
October Home Away
Day Date Opponent Time TV
Wed. 5LOS ANGELES7:30 p.m.Ch. 27
Sat. 8COLORADO7 p.m.Ch. 27
Tue. 11PHOENIX7:30 p.m.OLN
Thu. 13at Calgary8 p.m.Ch. 27
Fri. 14at Edmonton8 p.m.FSNSW
Sun.16at Vancouver9 p.m.FSNSW
Thu.20LOS ANGELES7:30 p.m.Ch. 27
Sat.22CALGARY7 p.m.Ch. 27
Wed.26SAN JOSE7:30 p.m.FSNSW
Fri.28EDMONTON7:30 p.m.FSNSW
Sat. 29at Phoenix9 p.m.FSNSW