Monday, October 24, 2005

"Home is home, be it ever so humble"

Jones AIM'd me, "Don't you live in the SO?"
"the so? whats the so?"

"Not the so, the S O"
"What's the S O?"
"Sherman Oaks, gah! Don't you live there?"

"Sherman Oaks is now the SO. It's THE place to live now!"
"according to whom?"
"The LA Times, and E news."

"The LA Times says Sherman Oaks is the place to live now?"
"They just wrote an entire piece on it, and the E channel did a segment on all the celebrities moving from the hills into the SO. Buffy lives there."

"Yeah I saw her and Shaggy at the hardware store buying a grill"
"and Duff and Chris Klein and Sherilyn Fenn and Jim Carrey and Barbara I'm a Genie Eden!"
"wow. Does this mean I can expect a show named after the area that is nothing like the area soon on TV?"
"Haven't heard anything yet, but I did see a shirt that says I am SO S.O."


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