Monday, October 10, 2005

"It is always your next move."

I had the realization this weekend, that there are a number of folks on the fringe who I am making social plans and commitments with, who I am not doing so out of a desire to spend time with them, but due to feeling obligated or trying to protect thier feelings.

This is not a good thing.

Being at an event, with lots of people and goings on-but spending the time wondering how long you have to stay to be polite.


Being out with someone who you adore, doing nothing-wishing there was more time to keep doing it.

I've always been an enabler, and I do fret too much about the feelings of those around me.
I'm going to TRY to stop doing that.
I babysit far too much, and I'm too old to have friends who need babysitting.


The weekend...

Carlos is much fun when he mixes champagne, white, and red wine in one night.
My Sky Captain costume is almost finished-just need to make the belt and sort out a vintage looking camera.
Red Riding Hood is done except for a red riding hood.
Slytherin quidditch has not been started yet-will need to make the robe, the top, and the gloves and leg pads.
(At least I don't need that one till Nov 18th)

Colin is now also rowing on an Oxford City team, and they did well Saturday, but did not place on Sunday :(

On Sunday Saryn and I went to the Whimsical Alley shop, and I bought far less than either of us guessed I would.
I did get a wand, a Snape toy of some sort, a Slytherin pin for Ryan, and some Snapecentric pins and a post card for myself.

So I've got a Monday off thanks to a confused Spaniard who thought he was in India.
Got to sleep lateish, got a lovely wake up call, and am considering sneaking behind Jeff's back and making a Halloween costume for the Flurry today.
Then she and I could enter the owner and dog costume contest next Saturday at Three Dog Bakery.

Or maybe I'll go to the zoo
Or go see the film Capote
Or work on my Sky Captain belt
Or actually put away my laundry
Or chuck it all and throw crap in a bag, buy an over priced plane ticket, and a late night dinner across the pond.

I'm so anxious for change, and I feel like I'm at the corner pressing the cross walk button, and its not turning green.


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