Friday, October 21, 2005

Where I would have simply said the deer are pretty...

Husabnd #2 wrote the following to be used as part of the orientation package-

"Our 'beastes' are nurtured with affectionate care. The new quad, mercifully bereft of soaring concrete and acres of sheet glass, will not frighten them. Indeed, since our President ensured that the windows actually open, it may prove a welcome source of port. A Tutor may still rush from New Buildings to demand that a pre-lunch croquet game stops - 'The clicking of the balls is most irritating!' - but another who found 'the noise of the rutting not conducive to academic thought' said it with a grin. Despite the periodic misfortunes of individual animals, the herd placidly chomps its way towards its tercentenary, adding beauty and interest to the College, and offering a case study in female toleration of testosterone-driven Darwinianism. History, millenarianism, and the success of our Eight is convincing the discerning among the student body to petition for the only addition the College is really short of apart from more women Fellows, another pair of emu . . ."

Rutting not conducive to academic thought?


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