Tuesday, November 15, 2005

" I did it because I loved the game. "

2 Days till Goblet of Fire hits the screen.
Still need to make my quidditch robe for Friday nights fun, and still need to add the top section of the dress to my Beauxbaton dress for Saturday.
Otherwise, everything is done!

Have written NOTHING else towards my 50,000 words since the last update.
If I'm a very good girl, I may be able to do some writing tonight.

A co-worker stopped by today and started playing with my Potions Class lego set and very casually said, "that Harry Potter boy is too hot to be 16".
I had to agree, and so I thought I'd share this blog entry someone just shared with the Potter Ubers-

Husband #1 just told me he bought a present while at lunch today!

No wonder I'm not doing any writing-
Nevermind that I'm debating if I want to go out and buy this.
And there is still my recent evolution into Sims 2 that somehow steals hours of my night like a dryer after your sock drawer.

...and I'm not even a gamer!


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