Saturday, November 26, 2005

Things I've learned while traveling pt 7

If you are worried about getting to the airport on time, and in a flashy BMW, you will end up in a car accident and be forced to learn how resourceful and together you really are.

If you take the aisle, you have to get up every 2 hours to let someone out, if you take the window and give up the aisle, you have to hold it for 6 hours.

Welsh boys can't make it snow, no matter how much they long for it.

The term "into your pints" actually is a very accurate description.

Yes, in fact, my bladder IS smaller than a wee bird with a bad attitude.

If you find yourself on an unexpected flight to Ireland for £5 each way, and end up in Cork, the pub to be at is the Evergreen.

Lots of really really really hot boys get on the tube at Baker Street.

When you are wearing, a tank top, a sweater, a huge wool coat, tights, socks, boots, a scarf, gloves, and wondering if you could be any colder, he'll be wearing a blazer and turtlneck and think you're "amusing".

Take the Jack the Ripper walking tour and make sure and ask to see the Roman wall.

Birthday boys are far more affectionate in public when they aren't expecting to see you.

New Zealand vs. England IS a big deal.

Paul Frank London has the exact same stuff, but charges more for it.

As much as Jeff will hate to know, it really is a bittersweet symphony.

"You want to sleep with common people like me."

Boys have odd taste in lingerie.

Apparently the Jack the Ripper tour that starts at Tower Hill is meant to be accompanyed by Rum. Because at some point in the tour, if you get the right tour guide, he sings a song about 1 cent for drunk, and 2 cents for rum. At which point, apparently, you are meant to partake of the rum, that you have already been partaking of.

When on a bus, in the late, late hours, because he HAS to take you home and show you something, you don't laugh at him when he sings to you.
You wait till the next morning then laugh your ass off.

Just when you think you know your way around, they go and close the Circle and District lines, due to, "a body on the tracks".

Days of doing nothing are often the best days of all.

A shop steward asking if you are alright, and a boy at a pub telling you that you are a, "bit of alright" do not mean the same thing.

When just after the Jack the Ripper tour, and your boyfriend engages in some male bonding that somehow evolves from hugging, to wrestling, to rolling down a muddy hill, by said Roman wall, resulting in both parties not only covered in mud, but breaking into "Under Pressure", according to the wife of involvement #2, "At least your's is singing the Bowie part", afterwhich I was treated to Michael, a very intimidating man, in a leather biker jacket with paint and chains, with a tall mohawk going, as if on que, "why why whyyyy whyyyyy whyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
and then Colin STOOD up and very loudly sang the next line, which I guess was right, because I don't know what the real words are anyway.
But when they broke into, "This is our last dance, this is ourselves", Celine and I joined in.

Will I make it to the airport on time?
Do I care?
Can you really call into work 'British'?

in for a quick break, now back out-


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