Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."

Nintendogs Update-

I BROUGHT the game with me to work today.
I'm so sad.

But how can I not bring it to work?
If I neglect little Fly (that's her name) she'll run away :(
Fly is a Shetland Sheepdog, and I am sure must be the most adorable virtual puppy ever.
She's a toothache she's so sweet :)

1st mistake-name a dog on a game that you talk to via a game system something similar to your real dogs name.

The Flurry was quite spastic after me calling Fly about 20 times to teach the puppy her new name.

2nd mistake-teaching a dog on a game that you talk to via a game system a trick your real dog already knows.

While teaching Fly the "sit" command, poor Flurry was sitting and standing so often that she finally came over to the sofa where I was, barked at me, and tried to knock the game out of my hands.

Flurry, who is something of a talker as far as dogs go, is jealous and confused.
And that's only after one night of playing with this new addiction.

Fly, on the other hand, is quite happy :)
She knows her name, knows 'sit', 'jump', 'down', and 'get it' (the command I use to make her chase her tail).

3rd mistake-'Get It' is the release command that we taught Flurry that she can go spastic and either attack one of her toys, or tear up the closest dog treat.

Only 1 real bit of guilt so far-I walked Fly this morning when I got to the office.
Flurry did not get taken for a walk, or given a treat, and I did not even pet her this morning :(

No wonder she's jealous.


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