Monday, December 05, 2005

"I realized I was in the throes of a crisis.One that not even the sight of this season's Dolce & Gabbana strappy sandals could lift me out of."

This morning, after catching up on email, and blogs, and boards, I found myself thinking the very odd thought of, "ah the small town, drama free bliss, that will be Oxford"

I've had MANY reservations about moving from the big-action, high-energy, go, go, go, pace of Los Angeles, to a small, studious, quiet environment.
I expected I would miss going out, miss the characters, miss the fact that at any hour of the day, you can find somewhere to dance, somewhere to eat, and somewhere to celebrate.

But, living in a city filled with creative minds, creative types, and people who long to be creative, you are also surrounded by drama.

Drama between friends, between ex's, between work associates, between lovers, between people who should be lovers, pretty much anyone you come into contact with.
And if it's not your drama, it's the drama of your friends.

Which is just as frustrating.

If I like a bunch of people, and value all of them, soundn't they all be able to see the value in eachother and get along?
And it's not like I'm even some high moral person.

I really don't think I expect too much of the people in my life.

If I'm dating you, don't cheat on me-
If I've hurt you, tell me-
If we're friends, be a friend-

Don't kick puppies,
Don't judge me by my shoe sickness,
Don't hate the player-hate the game,
Don't tell me things you think I want to hear,
Don't ask me things you don't want to know-

Is that so hard?

My close friends know that I'll do pretty much anything for someone if they ask.
To the point that Saryn tells people not to ask me for things, because I can't help, but want to help.
But I'm done being a part of everyone's drama.

Stop trying to sleep with your friend's ex's-
Stop exagerating how hurt you are by your break up to try and get attention-
Stop telling your current girlfriend that I want you, because TRUST ME I do not-
Stop forgetting about your roommate at Christmas-
Stop trying to up-sell your adventures and sexual prowless-
Stop pointing fingers-
Stop pouting-

Play nice, or go home.
Or at least play nice till I move homes.


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