Thursday, December 15, 2005

"Serious illness doesn't bother me for long because I am too inhospitable a host."

Using Cold-eeze like an addict,
Spraying Chloraseptic like a perfume counter girl,

This is my Thursday.

Back at work, after being of little voice on Wednesday.

Where as I normally would have just come in, and suffered through it, I am starting to take stock in that idea that you try and beat a bout of illness head on, and burrow away for a few hours, to prevent it becoming something far worse, requiring much more time off than the one day.

I spent the entire day in bed.
With The Flurry.

We slept and slept and slept.

I did wake up around 2ish (I think) and watched the annoying psychic Slyvia Brown on the Montel Williams show.
Annoying because she feels the need to repeat over and over that 'angels' tell her these things.
She either has ESP (extra special powers) or is a really good guesser, as she seems to get an awful lot spot on.

Fell back asleep for a bit, and woke up to watch the latest Project Runway.
This is my favorite reality show.
Last year I feel in love with Austin Scarlett, and Jay, (who ended up winning).
But so far this year I'm not really taken with anyone's work, and no personalities are standing out-other than this guy's crying episode on the runway that continues to amuse.

So no The Movies updates, no Nintendogs to discuss, and not even any overly dramatic friends episodes to regale-

Just a nice, quiet, hibernating day in bed ill, that was just what I needed for a weekend full of events.


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