Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Hold to the now, the here, through which all future plunges to the past..."

Happy New Year!

I’m in a progressive state of evolution.
Distracted by the superfluous,
And seemingly unable to focus on the necessity.

We were meant to have a great Christmas, a celebratory new year,
And then to buckle down and prep.

Time to concentrate
Time to organize
Time to focus

Must write more
It's been months since the last publication-
Would feel rather accomplished if I could get something new published before August.


No more addictions fed with consumer endeavors
No more buying rounds and dinner parties
No more “I’ll write tomorrow”

Time, blessed Time.

Guest list spots and boys buying cocktails should not be distraction enough from what should be

Pause and breathe

Prep for what is new, and what is true

Must write
Must read
Must do

“Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences.”


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