Friday, January 27, 2006

Overheard in NY continues to delight...

Woman: Move in, motherfuckers, move in!
Yuppie guy: Wait for the next one, this is too packed.
Woman: Bitch, I have to be on this train!
Yuppie guy: This isn't the train to heaven, you know. It's, like, going to Queens.

--F train

Guy: Yeah, that's the first thing I learned when I moved here: don't eat street meat, it's probably pigeon or something.
Girl #1: Yeah, I wish I could get my husband to stop eating it.
Girl #2: I don't care what kind of meat it is as long as it's in my mouth.
Girl #1: That's my sister; she's looking for a hook-up.
Girl #2: No, I'm not!
Guy: I'm married.

--Irving Plaza, Irving Place

Girl: Do you smell that? Smells like straight up pussy in this bitch.
Guy: I wouldn't know.
Girl: What do you mean you wouldn't know? It's pussy.
Guy: I wouldn't know. I'm gay.
Girl: Damn, son. So what does dick smell like?
Guy: Wouldn't you know? I mean when you get on your knees?

--M14D bus


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