Monday, January 23, 2006

"Snow and adolescence are the only problems that disappear if you ignore them long enough.”

I had asked Andrew how cold it was, 3 degrees C.
Then I thought that it must always be MUCH colder in Wales, than Oxford, so it won't be THAT bad, and Colin and I discussed dates, and I booked, and we got a great round trip ticket on British Airways for $250 plus taxes and fees.

Yes it's nonrefundable, and yes the dates are set, but what a deal!

Colin jumps on line, we're having some AIM time, and he comments that he does not want to go down the hall to the loo, because it's so cold, and he's just gotten nice and warm.

But is must always be much colder in Wales than Oxford, right?


Not sure how my California thin skin is going to do moving into that climate.

-4 C

Thats the temprature.

-4 C

Which I think is 24 F

I'm still trying to learn the conversions.

I'm cold here at my desk in sunny, punished with Santa Ana winds so its like 70 F, southern California, just thinking about it.

Fucking having to pack a fucking coat and gloves and scarfs and hats and warm PJs and boots and thermals and tights and all that.

And I remember in Texas many winters of -degrees, which would be much colder, right?
Because negative there is negative from 32F, but negative here is negative from 0F-right?

Wonder where the deer goes when it snows?
They don't have a barn as far as I remember.

And wonder if the Cherwell will be frozen?

Looked up images for the front pic for this entry, and thought that while this looks very cold, it looks very pretty.

My pic taken in July, and this pic taken after the snow.

Ah well-will try and remember the camera this time.
And if I see any deer popsicles in the Cherwell, I'll take a pic for all of you.


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