Friday, February 24, 2006

"Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time. "

Me: I'm ready. Did you get a cab?
Him: Why would I ring for a cab?
Me: To go to the dinner?
Him: It's not a kilometer-
Me: It's like THREE miles!
Him: It's not a mile, I promise.
Me: I can't walk that far in THESE.
Him: You can't walk a mile?
Me: (thinking I'm being clever) One day you should have to walk a mile in my shoes.
Him: YOU can't even walk a mile in your shoes.

He's an ass.
and he didn't call for a cab.

Yes I walked-but I walked in my boots, and he carried my heels.

And it was a much further than a mile, as my lazy graphic above will demonstrate.

I'm sort of confused by how the night went.
It had it'm moments of being much fun, and I met some great people.
I'm on way way to sit in on a lecture one of them is giving this morning.
I didn't like the reaction some of the older men gave him.
They said things like, "Well Done!", or "Nice Job". And it wasn't said in a engagement congratulatroy way, but more like the congrats you give to someone for buying their first expensive car or home.
It put me off-

Off to attend the lecture, then we are into London tonight-
YEAH!! A big city!


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