Friday, February 03, 2006

“Study is the bane of childhood, the oil of youth, the indulgence of adulthood, and a restorative in old age”

In order to qualify for the BUNAC card (a student work exchange that allows American's to work abroad for 6 months provided they have 8 credit hours for the semester prior to entering the country) I am starting school again on Monday.

I'm just at the cusp of my time spinning out of control.

Except for Mondays, I'm in class 6:30-10:00 T, W, and Th.

I'm planning my days to go like this...

Mondays-leave work early, drive to campus, class meets at 4:15-
(though this is golf, so I suspect we will be meeting at a local driving range soon)
After class go to the gym.

Tuesday thru Thursday-leave work ON TIME, drive to gym, work out till 5:45, shower at gym, head to campus.

BEFORE Friday the 10th, must sew a Wendy costume for Ryan's b'day.

Thanfully the gift buying is already done.

Then it's Valentine's Day-
But I'll be in class, so I don't expect to be a very good Valentine for Ryan this year.

Then it's time to sort out what I'm taking, and head back to the UK.

Here's to hoping it gets warmer :)
Currently it's 0c there at the moment-
which, per my mad math skills means 32F.
Which is cold.

Locally it's 78F and is expected to get up to 80F.
Per my mad skills means 23c, I think.

Thankfully I won't be taking any math courses to insure my entry to the UK work force.


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