Wednesday, February 01, 2006

“There's method in his madness”

The Flurry is playing a sunflower in the school play-or at least she's dressed for it.

Her biggest frustrations so far have been scratching her own ears, and doing that thing that has made her look like a baboon, and is the reason she now looks like a sunflower.

At her expense, much entertainment is being had.

She can't seem to judge the proper amount of space she needs to get around objects or people, so you find yourself either being knocked into, or hearing her crash into walls, doorways, and furniture.

So it was another steroid shot to help with her known alergies, and a majorly expensive bloodtest that will tell us EVERYTHING she is alergic too.

Her entertainment value makes up for the expense-I wish I had a video camera to tape the comedy that is going on at our home right now.

As mad and odd as she is, at least she's not this mad...


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