Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Things I've learned while traveling, Part 8

Welsh mothers are worse at taking no for an answer than Irish ones.

Male immigration officers are much nicer about letting you into the country than female ones.

High heels and cobblestones are not fast friends.

If you sit at the same table every time, it’s easier to remember your table number for the barman.

Even if you promise yourself you’re going to taste everything before passing judgement, eel pie with lemon still makes you think of this.

Expect a hint of concern when you tell your fiance you'll be going to lunch and sitting in on a lecture being given by a particular one of his colleagues.

Always charge your iPod.
You may find yourself on a bus from Oxford to London with a local cricket club and lose your travel partner and their charming conversation.

Be willing to check a bag if it means next time you’d be able to buy the large book from the Gothic Nightmares exhibit at The Tate.

Celebrate new discoveries. The Nightmare has been my favorite painting for ages.
Fuseli must now be my favorite painter as Titania and Bottom is now my second favorite.

Accept offered sweets from strangers hanging about your friend’s music shop.
You’ll find yourself included in the best trash talking.

Attack plans used for Shoe Frenzy are completely lost on boys you convince to go to London Fashion Weekend with you.
In fact, even the thrill of the hunt is lost on them.

When waiting to be let in to the Life Galleries Restaurant for lunch, no staff seem to be of any help, and your date says, “You’re American, go say something,” don’t be offended when those in line around you seem to perk up and think it’s a great idea.

If someone thinks they might want kids, take them to see the T Rex on a Saturday.
If the wait in line, the mayhem of crowds, and the frustration evident on all the parents faces don’t do it, the shrill screams of terror from every child in the room are sure to get to them.

Always prepare for the tube to be shut down.
Don’t worry-they have replacement busses and you WILL make it to your walk on time.
Calm Down.

When you challenge Alan to show you something Wilde in London, he will most definitely come through for you.

D.R. Harris chemists’ product, ‘Pick Me Up’ may be the most vile tasting thing you’ll ever taste, but within 20 minutes you’re tip top.
Trust me.
My night before was filled with a rich cake, much champagne, cider, cider with red bull, and Stella.
On no sleep, and severly hung over, Alan took us to D.R. Harris' because he himself was in need of its restoritive powers.
It tasted horrible, but it worked.
Gentlemen have drank this next morning cure to late nights of drink and debauchery for over 100 years, but with England’s entry into the EU, they are being forced to stop producing and selling the product.
Order some while you can.
Also try here for ordering in the U.S.

Don't think you must look like a local when everyone starts asking your help when finding their way around without full tube service.
The moment you get through security at the airport a child of little English language ability will run up to you and say, "We go Los Angeles...you help?" confirming that even dressed in wool and wearing wellies, people all over the planet know what Los Angeles looks like.

When booking your seats with British Airways for your return, always check availability for the back of the plane.
The last few rows on the sides have just 2 seats, instead of 3.
Not only do you have more space, only one person to bother when getting up, and early boarding, most people don't travel single, so you end up with both seats to yourself.


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